Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awesome Thursday!


  • Andrew did the laundry. and the dishes. and made the bed. 
  • Seeing friends I haven't seen in two weeks and feeling like it has been years. yea it makes me sad they are so far away from us. 
  • not being behind in my advanced sewing class. I am making andrew a shirt.. a plaid shirt at that. yea its hard but going great. I actually love it so so much. thank you teacher for letting me hang out at your house for three hours. ha thank you x factor for being on in the background
  • doctor giving me an allergy shot. they make me happy. and feel so so so much better
  • General Conference is this weekend. 
  • Did I mention General Conference
  • Did you guys hear President Utchdorf's talk. it was incredible. more than I could have ever asked for. I need that talk more than anything. I love him. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. God is wonderful. 
  • Coldstone. end of story. 
  • Andrew got a job at the Straw Maze haunting. Can you say every mans dream? ha he is so excited and I know he will be amazing.. really I know. He scares me on a daily basis. 
  • BYU football games where they do good. I can not wait to go to school there. i love school spirit.
  • Reading Stephine Neilsons blog. Seriously if you haven't watched her mormon message you are missing out. You will bawl your eyes out and then think you have the easiest life in the world. She is such an inspiration to me. 
Aren't you guys excited too??? Andrew starts work tomorrow. then we get to watch conference. and I will do lots of homework. and then catch up on my sleep. I really need to. Good thing tomorrow is Friday. 

Hope you all have a great weekend. Go watch conference. We love you all. Thank you for being in our life. 
love, alex&andrew 
p.s- enjoy the rando pictures :) 

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