Saturday, October 22, 2011

End of Sweet Summer Time

Here is the adventures of our last week in California in August going into September. 
We celebrate Anna and Jordan getting married. 
Had a bonfire on the beach. 
Had our one year anniversary. 
hit an owl.....
and just hung out with some amazing people. 
I love them all. I have loved getting to know all of Andrews friends and how they have welcomed me into their lives and are now some of my best friends. its great. I love having this group of people to hang out with. They are all so amazing and fun. 
These first pictures are of our bonfire on the beach. It was a little cold but so fun. 
We were serenaded by the beautiful Lindy playing the guitar and roasted some jumbo marshmallows. 

Andrew is really great at taking pictures with me :) 

Here are some pictures from after we got out of the temple. 

On our way home from hanging out at our friends house we hit an owl. 
It was so SAD! Andrew picked it up and got it out of the road. 
It was still alive so we hope it flew away once we left. 

Loook at how big he is! 

Andrew with one of his anniversary presents! 

We love you all! 
Enjoy this wonderful and beautiful weekend :)

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