Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So you want to here my random thoughts and something I have been realizing for the past couple months? Well here is is....
the whole world is pregnant. yup the entire world. I really do think almost every person I know is.
Yes I know not everyone is. there is like two or three of you out there, but really? Its TRUE!
My thoughts.. Maybe the world really is ending. All these babes need to come before, what december 20th or something? and it is HAPPENING! Now don't get me wrong it is great! I love all these little babies coming around. Honestly some days I want one. Yup its true. I am jealous. But then I realize why I don't just yet. but we don't need to talk about that today :) maybe tomorrow can be, why this month needs to hurry up and move quicker. I really am excited for all these mommy's to be. It is so cute and I can not wait to raise my own little love bug and dress them and take pictures of them. You know maybe it is because I follow too many blogs that show adorable babies. I bet thats it. I am hearing all about them and am excited for them and get excited for that one day in the distant future when Andrew and I will be able to experience that. So to all of you who are pregnant congratulations!
What are your random thoughts of the day??? Hope you enjoyed mine :)


  1. bahhaa did you just read busy bee laurens blog too? I was JUST thinking...everyone is getting pregnant! shoot. hahaha.

  2. I remember several times in my life feeling like that. The world was pregnant and it felt so weird. To every time there is a season. Enjoy now. *hugs*

  3. ugh i know EXACTLY what you mean! seriously, everyone I know is getting pregnant it seems like.... except ME.
    hope you're enjoying your weekend doll :)