Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best Friends & Fireworks

The 4th of July has also come and gone. Man I really need to get back into my blogging habit and picture taking habit. It was a great day. We went to Provo Tuesday night after saying goodbye to my family. Wednesday morning we went to the Provo parade and it was great! I got to see Stephanie Neilson for like a split second and a half but it was AWESOME. She is seriously my hero and I would love to meet her some day. (I actually just finished her amazing book yesterday.. but maybe more on that later) So yes awesome parade.

Then we met up with Andrews best friend Logan who we haven't seen in like a year and his FIANCE! Man they are so cute together. and her name is Alex. How ironic is that??? It makes me laugh a little every time I think about it. But its great. Her and I decided we shall be best friends. I like making new friends, especially when it is a couple that we both like. We went to Tucanos with them which is pretty much the best restaurant EVER! So much good unlimited food. I have been missing out for sure! Then we went on a little stroll through Provo canyon by the waterfalls. soooo beautiful. Then off to Sub zero to cool ourselves down because man was it HOT! it was wonderful though.

To end the day we went to Utah Lake with our friends the Turnbulls to go night tubing. (Night Tubing= where you go tubing at night and you wear glow sticks so when you fall off they can find you in the water..ha) It was great. and then once the fireworks started we stopped the boat and watched all of the firework shows in the provo valley area..thing.

So I just wrote a novel and its boring and I have no pictures. I will try to be more exciting next time and not wait so long.. haha I'm working on it. Finals are this week and next so I will be done soon and then the moving begins! AH crazy times. I looooove it.
Hope you enjoyed this awesome, informative, loving blog post.
Until next time, ENJOY!
love, alex&andrew

I found some sweet photos to share :) 
Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?? 

Andrew and Logan at Logan's Homecoming.. over a year ago. 

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