Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brigham Young University - Rexburg, Idaho

We are completely done at Brigham Young University-Idaho.
There is not one more assignment we have to turn in at this school.
I honestly have no idea what I am feeling right now.
I kinda feel anxious. or like I wanna cry. or scream. or burst with joy.
What an experience.
Andrew and I are both leaving as Juniors with an Associates in General Studies.

Completely Bitter Sweet.
The past three years have been years we will never forget.
We met some of the most amazing people.
We met each other HERE.

Ohhh Small Town Rexburg.
I will NOT say it has been easy. and I will definitely not say that I have loved it here all of the time. but it has been a crazy ride.
Let's take a look back on this journey shall we? Hold on it's a LONG one.

(alright so i am starting with my experiences before marriage)

Night at the Ice Caves 

View from my apartment 

Apartment 604

My 18th Birthday with great great friends 

Mesa Falls 

Time Out for Women 

Best Friends 

Meeting the guy who wrote "Charly" at work 

Meeting Superman 

my dear dear friend aleni, best person, EVER, to work with

Dating the future Mr. 

Supermans party hanging out with the Morgans. 

Apartment 115

Date to see pond skimming 

Taeden Lewis Checketts was Born 

A few hours before he asked me to marry him 

Our First Pet

Noah's Ark Party 

My 20th Birthday 

Playing with old Roommates

Going to the Sand Dunes 


Watching Andrew Play Sports 


Playing with my favorite little man 

Scaring at the Straw Maze 
Ultimate Dodge Ball Game 

Our Christmas Tree 

Playing with Friends 

Time out for Women 

Feeding Ducks 

Picking Apples 

Got my Associates Degree 

Watching more sports 

Baby Taeden turned 2 and is becoming a big brother :)

Shooting with friends and watching people blow things up and watching the sun set. 

Rexburg you have SO many memories for us. It has been great. 
We are sad and nervous to move but also very excited to have many many more adventures. 
Now time to go Celebrate with an awesome Date Night :) 
love, alex&andrew 

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