Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bitter Sweet Times

I have wanted to blog for a while but didn't really know what to say. and Honestly I still don't.
I want to keep this blog like a journal and write down the good and the bad times. So I guess it is time for a not so good time.
My Grandpa Brown passed away on Thursday June 21st, 2012. It was a shocker. He had had his gall bladder removed and was recovering so I thought he was doing good. But things took a turn for the worst.
Honestly, I know he is in a much better place now and I know that he isn't hurting, and his body isn't causing him trouble. What a wonderful thing to think about! And I know he is there chilling with his mom and dad and brothers. What a great reunion that must have been.
Honestly it hit me pretty hard. It was the first person close to me that I have had pass away and let me tell you I do NOT like it. but I know it is okay and I will see him again. For now I will remember the sweet memories that I have of him.
One of the last times we had a good long conversation was when he took me around his whole house and told me all about the treasures he has collected over the years. It was great to hear his stories and see of his excitement and remembering his life experiences.
And then another one of the last convos was me telling him about Andrew and I going to BYU. He was really excited for us. I am glad we get to go to his alma mater.

Now to make a sad time happy my family was able to drive out here to come to the funeral. So we got to see them all 4 weeks earlier then originally planned.

I got to see my brother before he went into the MTC on Thursday. That was also bitter sweet.
I am so proud of that littler brother of mine and the work he will be doing for the next two years of his life. He is serving in the Salt Lake City - Spanish Speaking mission. So pretty much Andrew and I will be 45 minutes from him for a lot of the time. WOW that will be hard not to just go look for him everyday! ha I figure I will see him at least once on his mission so I am not too crazy missing him but it is just weird knowing I can't call him whenever I want and see how he is doing.
I will miss him but I am so proud and know I can write him whenever I want to! 
Wayyyy to go Elder Brown! 

Cameron the day before he went into the MTC standing in front of the Salt Lake City Valley where he will be serving! 

Grandma & Grandpa Brown on there wedding day. How beautiful are they? :) 

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