Monday, August 27, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

Today is all about a beautiful thing called Lake Powell
and no it is not just a place. It is a thing. a beautiful beautiful thing.
This was my third year going to Lake Powell with the Sorensen's and it was awesome.
Exactly what I needed to refresh and prepare for another round of school!
This year it was the Sorensen's, the Turnbull's, the Rahn's, and Julie, and Val.
It was the best way you can spend seven days.

I made Richard some shorts. He always jokes about me making him some so I surprised him the first night of Powell with these :) 

Andrew's first run of the year 

Logan ready for his first run 

My first run of the year 

Alex's first run of..well ever :) Go Girl! 


Aaron just hanging out 

Lindsay taking the plunge 

So we went to Rainbow Bridge this year and the tour guide took us UNDER THE BRIDGE. I was so excited about this. In all of the time the Sorensen's and Turnbull's have gone to Rainbow bridge they have never been able to go under the bridge. and of course this was only my second time going but it was really COOL! so we took lots of pictures of course. 
This is Amanda 

Just chilling under the arch. 

Logan & Alex under the arch

Logan & Alex on the other side of the arch 

Us :) 

Turnbull's and the man that took us under the arch 




Us under the arch


Ice Cream Stop 


Bonfire on the Last night

I thought this picture turned out prettty legit... it's Logan&Alex btw.

What a great way to finish off the week. 

Honestly I feel like I missed taking pictures of so much that happened that week. 
It was such a wonderful week. I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to do these fun things and spend time with some amazing people. This is a beautiful earth we live on and I love being able to spend a week engulfed in its beauty. God really has blessed us. 
Here is to a great week and first days of school at BYU and work.  
love, alex&andrew

P.S- Honestly, I can't wait until Lake Powell 2013..

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