Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moving On

I am saddened at how behind I have become at blogging because MAN are things happing around here! I have so much to tell I don't even know where to begin. I guess I will start off with this...

We MOVED. it is done. and over with. We are gone from Rexburg. and let me tell you I never want to move again. It is stressful and exhausting. And of course two days before the actual move I get really SICK. darn you germs. So the whole time we were hauling stuff in and out and out and in I was sick. Let me just tell you that was not good. I do not suggest it to anyone. But it is all over and done with and now it is on to the organizing.

Now this move was not an easy one, and not just because of me being sick.
A few weeks before we moved down we came to Provo and looked for two days for a place to life. We found a cute little basement and it was right by campus so I was reallllly happy.
Well On July 31st we drive down to Provo, Andrew in the moving truck and me in the car. I get to the apartment about 30 minutes before I am supposed to do a walk through with the manager. I sit in front of the house and notice the old tenants are STILL MOVING OUT. I got a little confused at that point. I go meet with the manager and she says they aren't out yet and she asks if I can come back later that day. I agree. We go back a few hours later and she says it isn't cleaned yet can you call me tomorrow at noon and I will let you know when you can move in. I agree. It will give us time to rest up and be ready to move all of our stuff again (Luckily we had the truck for about 3 days).

Next day. I call. She says meet me there and we will do the walk through. We go there, she hands us a paper and says mark the damages and anything you would like cleaned again. We go in and we are in SHOCK! The carpets are still drying from being cleaned. and that was the only thing that looked like it had been cleaned. There were holes and mold and nastiness all over.

I proceeded to freaking out a little. Andrew proceeded to getting mad and frustrated. We don't have time for this.

After not being able to get ahold of her to do more cleaning and try to repair the damages, we start looking for a new place to live. and our stress level proceeds to increase. We have to return the truck by the next day.

Our friend suggests we try the BYU Student Family Housing. We agree even though in our minds we are thinking they have a waiting list and have nothing available immediately.

We go. We take a tour. It is a million times better than the basement apartment. We sign up.
By 8 o'clock that night we are moving into a completely different apartment than the one we had planned to move into that morning.

I feel so blessed. We were so blessed to find a good place to live and move in all in the same day. We had an awesome amount of help and I was so AMAZED by everyones willingness to help and at how friendly our neighbors are. We had people coming over to help or even just to say Hi and introduce themselves. Even though this was such a stressful and frustrating time for us, I believe that it worked out for the best and it is what Heavenly Father wanted for us. We were supposed to live here. We were supposed to learn something from this and I truly believe we have. We have grown. and continue to.

And now Provo is our new home. I am about to start school on the 27th and I am nervous. Andrew has a job interview tomorrow and he is nervous. Here comes all of the new challenges and experiences.

Hope you all are having a great week.
love, alex&andrew

p.s- So this new place we live in, Wymount Student Family Housing, yea I can SEE the missionaries walking to the temple. I can walk out my front door, down the steps, look to my right, and SEE MISSIONARIES. Honestly we haven't been here that long, but it kills me. I want to run over there and see my little brother. We might have to go take a walk around the temple on Sunday (cause that is what the missionaries do, if you didn't know). AND if you are really confused at this point here is the low down, my little brother is in the MTC, aka The Missionary Training Center. He is working to serve the Lord. and I now live YARDS away from him. It kinda blows my mind most days that I am so close to him but can't go see him. I am SO proud though. what an AMAZING thing he is doing for the Lord.

P.s.s- On another side note, we just learned tonight that church will now be starting at 8AM instead of 12PM, starting this week.


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  1. Blessings, blessings! Glad you found a better place in so short a time. Also glad to have you closer to us. We need to get together sometime. Good luck to Andrew with his interview.