Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Currently I am..

Listening: To the TV and husband talking

Eating: Just ate half of a yummy pumpkin spice muffin

Drinking: A nice glass of cold milk

Wearing: jeans, hoodie, and an apron so that I don't get paint on myself.

Feeling: Happy & Creative

Weather: Night time and realllllly cold.

Wanting: a large rectangle chalkboard.. and the skills to write beautiful words on them.

Needing: A blanket, I'm cold.

Thinking: I am really ready for the paint to dry on the project I am working on right now so I can finish working on it. SO glad I am doing something crafty.

Enjoying: Spending a lot of the day with my husband, exploring Costco and Walmart. and being crafty and making some decor for Christmas that says Noel :) Pictures to come.

Tuesday I took my last test until finals. Guys, that is HUGE in my mind. now I only have 4 tests until the end of the semester. WOW. one semester down and 3 more to go! I can't believe it sometimes.
So no tests soon means life is good and I have time to do the things I love. Like crafting or spending looots of time with husband or watching lots of episodes of white collar with husband. and because of the nice little large snow storm we got last weekend husband isn't working as much which is good for spending time together :)
and guess what?? Thanksgiving is next week!!! YAY! I think I may have checked out of school already.. I am just so excited for a longer break than just two days, and good food, and family time. It is going to be greeeeat!

What are you happy about today?

p.s. basketball season has started and I loooove it. We have already gone to two BYU games and I love being in the students section. This last game we got really close and I won two down-east shirts. how great is that?? and if they get over 80 points you get 5 ounces of froyo. needless to say I feel like we will be visiting yogurtland often. I love being apart of the student section and calling it my "own." this is my school. i looove it :)

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