Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today I am reminiscing about..

I was looking through our wedding photos today and thinking about how much things have changed. 
and thinking about all these wonderful people. 
All of these people have been such a blessing in Andrew and I's life. 
I am grateful for the support we not only had that day but have had for the past two years. 

Then I saw this picture and was thinking back to when it was just the seven of us. 
and we all lived in the same house. 
it was such a crazy time but really great. 
and I miss each and everyone of these people everyday. 
But I think how much we have all changed in just two years! 

I am really grateful for eternal families and that I am so close with all of my family. 
I am grateful that our family continues to grow and get bigger and bigger. I love big families. 
I love each and everyone of them so much and I feel blessed to be apart of such a great family. 
I know that I can be with each of them for eternity. 
I love my family :) 

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