Monday, May 13, 2013


Today I had one of those moments. You know, the moment when you look around and think,
"My life is perfect."

It was an amazing feeling. One that I want to have all of the time. I felt like there were no worries in the world that I wouldn't be able to get through. It only lasted a few minutes and then my mind wandered on to something else but in those few moments I thought to myself, "I never want to forget this feeling."

I was heading home from my internship. It is in Murray, UT which is an exactly forty-five minute drive from our house. That seems long, but I really enjoy those forty-five minutes. I have found myself either on a phone call with a family member for forty-five uninterrupted minutes or I have the radio up really load and am singing like I am on American Idol, cause that is my favorite thing in the world. Its like my me time. My alone time with just me and pandora blaring out of the speakers.

I was half way through the drive at this point and Anna Kendrick was singing the cup song to me which is pretty awesome I must say. Great songs were playing, the chilled air conditioning was blowing on me, and the sun was shinning.

I just came around the point of the mountain and looked out onto Utah valley, my breath was taken away. The sun was hitting the Mountains PERFECTLY! The tops are still snow capped and the rest is starting to turn green. It is magical. And in those moments I thought this a great time in my life.
Living here. Being with my best friend. Going to an amazing school. Having amazing friends and family. Being healthy. Summer time. Life is perfect.

I sat there smiling like I had a secret to tell the world.
It was perfect. and I hope to never forget that feeling.

I hope you all had an equally as great of a monday. and have a great week!
love, Alex

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