Friday, May 31, 2013

Our second honeymoon

It has been one of those months. There is so much great stuff going on and I honestly probably could find the time to blog. But have I? Nope. Its not even that I haven't wanted to. I have just been finding other ways to spend my time. Like talking with Andrew more. or sewing one more thing so that I stay far ahead in my class. Or just sitting and relaxing and letting my brain take a much needed break for a while.

School was out and then we started spring semester. I am taking one class and doing my internship and Andrew is taking two classes and working full time. I feel like we shouldn't be that busy, but we are. It is the nice kind of busy, most of the time. Doing things I enjoy and spending my days thinking up new projects. I'm trying to cherish these moments. They seem so crazy but they are really so simple. 

Now a little look back at what has been happening around here.

After school got out for winter semester we headed to St. George. Just the mister and I this time.
It was like a little second honeymoon. Just the two of us for three days. We rode bikes and motorcycles and swam a lot. Talked about life and watched a whole lot of duck dynasty. It was the ultimate relaxation and do absolutely nothing with no responsibilities kind of weekend. perfection.

I even had my first real sushi.. you know not just the stuff you get in the refrigerated section of costco but the realish dealish. and let me tell you it was FANTASTIC. we have already gone again and it was even better the second time. The best part about it is that it was a thai and sushi place so I got best of both words. yum yum yum.
 It was hard to come home after such a great weekend and leave the relaxation behind. But it was good to get back to reality and conquer the stress that was hanging over us. We gave our long awaited talks at church on family history work. Then the next day I started my internship and Andrew headed back to work and the day after that we both started class. Oh the joooooy of our life.

Stay tuned for more updates on what has been going on in our life.

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