Monday, April 29, 2013

Puppy Jake

On April 17th 2013 the Sorensen's sweet dog Jake passed away.
This dog was Andrew's best friend. He loved him so much and you could tell that Jake loved him too.
This is one of my all time favorite pictures of these too. Lake Powell 2011
We knew that someday Jake would die but we didn't think it would be so soon. I had been dreading this day because I knew how hard it would be on Andrew.
Jake will be missed by so many people. There were tons of people who loved this dog just like it was their own.
Andrew's parents property is on hills and it goes down into some brush and stuff like that. Jake loved to run down the hill and bark around the property to scare off anything that is out there. It was like he was protecting the Sorensen's. One night after they got home late and let the dogs out Aaron, Andrew's brother heard Jake scream. He ran outside to find him. When he finally did Jake was covered in blood. He picked Jake up and took him inside. Jake had been attacked by a pack of coyotes.

After taking him to the doctor the next day they found that he did not have any broken bones or internal bleeding, just a lot of bit marks. They cleaned him up and gave him some stuff to let him sleep for a while and not be in pain. He slept and when he woke up he wasn't drinking much or eating anything. It was hard just to give him the medication he needed.

Lake Powell 2011
We thought there was a good chance he could make it but we also knew there is always a chance he could end up passing away.

That evening we got a call saying that Jake had passed away. He was released from the pain he was in and off to a better place.

It was such a sad reality to face and it still is today.

We miss and love you puppy Jake.

Lake Powell 2011 
Jake had such a fun personality. The thing that I noticed the most is that he hated cameras! There are very few pictures of Jake awake because once he saw a camera looking at him he would run off! That is why most of the photos I have of him are from far away. Or were taken very quick and then he would move or Andrew is holding him. He loved a good snuggle on the couch. Like I said before he loved to run the hill outside and bark, he was a protector. He was excellent at herding the chickens back into their coup. He would run around the pool and bark at the people in it. I think that was because he was afraid they were getting hurt and wanted to save them but did not want to jump in the water. When you found him laying on the ground on his belly he usually had a paw sticking out the back like he was ready to run at any moment.

Summer 2011
If you knew Jake what are your favorite memories of him? We would love to hear!

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