Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Date Night

Andrew and I love our date nights. Getting out of the house. Doing something different and just spending some good old time together with no other worries. It is the best. I love Friday and Saturday and sometimes random days of the week, nights that we get to spend good quality time together. We have done a lot of that lately.

We have gone to a few BYU baseball games which has really been fun and made it feel like full on summer. and we went to the BYU Rugby game for the national championship. That was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. I decided that I really like that sport and I am sad we didn't go to more before the season was over. We won so that was great. Andrew and I sat in general admissions and it was on the field. When they scored we were like 2 yards away from them. It was INTENSE. What a rough game. Making it so crazy to watch!
Another night we went to the batting cages and played mini golf. I had never gone to the batting cages so that was an exciting and nerve wrecking event. Andrew hadn't gone in years and was really excited about it. Once I got in there and hit a few it got exciting and fun! We need to go back more so I can get a little practice though, I am definitely not that great!

We have become big fans of this place called Provo Beach. It has a lot of cool stuff you can do like simulated golf, bowling, croquet, surfing/body boarding, pine wood durby racing, and arcade games. We have only played the arcade games twice but we plan to try a couple more fun things there soon! When we went the first time we played on the basketball game most of the time. It was cheap and we had a ton of fun playing it. This last time we went back and we were pretty sure they jacked up the price on the game so we just played it a couple times and then went and checked how many tickets we had accumulated over the last time and this one. We were really surprised to see we had 906 tickets. (the basketball game also got us A LOT of tickets)

Jokingly I asked the guy how much the stuffed dog was because he was so cute! I assumed he would be 1200 or more tickets, cause they like to kill you like that. The guy surprised us by saying it was 950 tickets! Thats like 2 basketball games! So of course I told Andrew he had to play a few more times and of course he was excited to.

And I got my dog :) we named him Travis and he is adorable. and I now need a real dog so I don't look like a freak petting and calling for my fake dog.

Recently we went and saw Fast & Furious 6, which was awwwwesome btw, and ate sweet tooth fairy treats. I got a cookie and andrew got a cupcake shake which I kept stealing because it was SO good. 

We love hanging out together and spending time doing things we love. It has been fun trying new things together and experiencing it all together. I love it. Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

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