Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strawberry Days Rodeo

A little while back we were invited to go to the strawberry days rodeo by our friend Hannah. and I am so so so glad she invited us. I love the rodeo, although I have only been to one rodeo, before this one,  that I consider to be a true rodeo. This one had award winning riders and award winning bulls. People were coming in from all over the country. even Kansas! That was cool. Lots were from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Texas. It was a lot of fun to watch a get a real rodeo experience. I really felt that this was the perfect summer thing to do.

Our favorite events were the wild cow milking, the barrel racing, and the bull riding. It was so exciting to watch and everyone in the crowd was getting really into it.

When we first got there they had invited all of the children into the arena. They all lined up and then they released two cows with money taped all over them. When they said go I was scared for those cows lives, and some of the children's! It was a mad house. Children were running and then some where tripping which lead to trampling. It was scary and man am I sure glad we weren't in the middle of it. Then they let the chick-fil-a man/cow out and I sure did feel sorry for him/her. Punching, kicking, trampling, all over again.
Wild Cow milking! this was really funnnny. 
During the middle of the rodeo they had some guys on dirt bikes come out and do some jumps/tricks. Let's just say I don't think I have ever felt so much anxiety for another person in my life. I have watched this stuff on TV, like the X games but I was so nervous watching them in person. Especially once they started doing tricks. I am in so much trouble if our children want to do this in the future. eeek.
Flying off of the bike! AHH

Overall it was a wonderful night, finished off with beautiful fireworks show. Have I ever told you how much I loooove fireworks? Well I do. a lot. They are beautiful and magical and they are just a moment of pure wonderfulness. I love them and cannot wait until the fourth of July to see them again.

Hope you guys have a great Fourth of July! Celebrate this beautiful country that we live in.

p.s - we went to a Real Salt Lake game - it was our first pro soccer game ever... I don't think we are soccer people. Or we should not go when it is super hot outside. maybe we will have to try again.
Hope you enjoy this picture of me sitting in the royal chair. it was cool. literally. it was in the shade.

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