Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear Baby: week 5 into week 6

Hi baby.
It's weird to call you that. I really don't feel pregnant yet. Other than the few symptoms I have had I feel that it is all just a joke and when we go to see the doctor he is going to be like there is no sign of a baby, so you must be crazy.

Andrew and I found out about you last week. A week ago today. Sunday June 22 2014. We had just gotten home from dinner at Justina and Curtis's with Emily. We ate curry and played logos. It was a really fun night.
We came home and I decided I had to know if I was or wasn't pregnant so I took the test.
The second pee touched it the plus sign appeared. I started freaking out. It happened so fast! We waited the three minutes to let it do its job and of course the plus was still there. It's not like those things disappear. We got excited. We got nervous. We freaked out a little. We laughed. I cried. It was one of those really scary but really happy moments.
And even after that it still feels surreal and I am still waiting for that confirmation that it is real. Maybe going to the doctor will give me that.

I actually thought I was pregnant the day we got Zoii (our dog!), on June 7th. But I have felt that before and figured I was just hoping/ feeling things. Funny to think back and know that I actually was at the time.

The only symptoms that I have had so far are..
1. Major bloating.
2. Peeing a lot.
3. SO THIRSTY. ALL THE TIME! which doesn't help the peeing.
4. TMI, constipation.
5. Fatigue. again all the time!!

Sometimes I wonder if I am just tired because I know I'm pregnant so I just think well I'm pregnant so I should be exhausted. Therefore I feel exhausted. hmmm who knows. Although it just seems to be getting worse so hopefully it isn't just my brain and it is pregnancy.

I'm really lucky though. I haven't felt any morning sickness (knock on wood) and I haven't really felt nauseous at all.

I thought about you a lot this week. Mostly just trying to get used to the idea. Me a mom? that is just crazy. I am not nearly prepared enough for that. I don't know enough to teach you everything you need to know!

It was an exhausting week physically. I worked every day except for Tuesday and Sunday. It was rough. Especially Thursday when I had to work both jobs. I went to the fabric job in the morning, down east in the afternoon and then had to go back to the fabric job to finish that night. It was a long day. I came home SO tired!!! I ended up eating & chatting with Andrew for thirty minutes and then going to bed. I need as much sleep as I can get these days.

I love you already. I am so excited to tell my mom and dad. I sent them a package this week. I made a sign that said, "Surprise, Grandbaby #5 coming February 2015!" and it has a binky strung on it. I told my mom it is a package for Cameron since he gets home from his mission on Wednesday. I am hoping she gets it either Monday or Tuesday and calls me asking what to do with it. OR she will just open it and freak out and call me. hahaha.

On Wednesday we are going to St. George for the Fourth of July and hanging with the Sorensen's. I am so excited for a break that is longer than a day! YAYY We will be telling them then. I'm not sure what we are going to do. I'm letting Andrew think of that one. It will probably involve a binky somehow.

We are excited. we are already dreaming of you. we already love you. we are already thinking up nicknames and such.

Keep growing healthy and happy.

Love, Mom&Dad

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