Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello Baby - Week 24

How far along: 24 Weeks, that is 6 months! AH 
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: 7 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: Nothing new. Some of my shirts fit funny so I don't really wear them often but don't want to get rid them, and they are working great as maternity shirts! ha I think I might just keep them for that reason. It has been nice not having to buy anything just yet. I am sure somewhere down the road I will need some different pants but for now it's all good.  
Stretch marks: Same old stuff. 
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleep has been great. A little achy here and there but I feel that my legs aren't doing as bad when I wake up. I usually am exhausted by bed time so falling asleep has been really easy. I hope it stays that way (the falling asleep fast, not the exhaustion). 
Best moment this week: I have a new niece and baby boy has a new cousin! YAY we are so excited that she is here and that mom and baby are doing great! Her name is Ava Marie Checketts. She was 9 lbs 2 oz and 22 inches long. Big beautiful baby girl. My mom, Emily, and I took Taeden and Caleb to meet her on Tuesday night. She was born Tuesday, October 28, around 11:30am. It was so adorable seeing the boys meet their baby sister. and to see those cute chubby cheeks in person. I am so excited to see her grow and to get to grow up with our little guy. They will be about 3 1/2 months apart. It will be so much fun. 
Miss anything: I'm not a fan of when my breathing gets heavy/ it's harder to breath. This happens because baby is pushing everything in me up making it so my lungs don't have the same amount of room they did before. I really don't like it and it makes me feel weird. I know it will only get worse so I will say breathing normal is what I miss. 
Movement: Again, lots of movement. I know it is going to continue to get more and more prominent and I love it. Sometimes it feels like he is going to kick right out of me, he is so powerful already. When I am really paying attention I can watch my belly move. Andrew got to see it earlier this week and he was amazed. He just gasped and was like ohhhh myyy goshhh. He was in shock that baby was doing that and we could actually see it. It is pretty shocking and amazing and just a miracle. It is amazing what our bodies are capable of doing. Every time he moves it is still the craziest thing to me. 
Cravings: Nothing new this week. I still haven't gotten a good old caramel apple but I think I will buy some yummy caramel dip the next time I am at the store. That will be very satisfying. 
Queasy or sick: Just acid reflux. There are times I feel I have a harder time breathing or have to breath deeper. I feel like my legs and back haven't been as bad so I am crossing my fingers it stays that way. I think it really helps having every other day off of work. 
Looking forward to: Date night. I don't care what we do. Where we go, if we even go anywhere, or even what day it is, as long as it is this week and it happens and it includes me and Andrew together, with no homework distractions. For the last month Andrew has worked every Friday and Saturday night. He has also worked Monday and Wednesday nights. He has had a ton of homework keeping him busy on all other nights so I am really excited that work is over and we can go out again. I am thinking a good old fashioned dinner and a movie date night. 
little baby bump of 24 weeks. 
On Saturday Anna and Jordan threw a birthday party for Ryder Jay. He is turning 1 on Tuesday! I honestly can't believe he is already one. I feel that he was just born. Which made me think the next year of our little guys life will probably go by just as quickly. Ryder was enjoying his party so much. He was laughing and talking the whole time. He was riding the ponies and loved his birthday cake. He just started playing with it until Jordan put some in his mouth and he realized it tasted good too and really went for it. It was an adorable mess. haha
The birthday boy all covered in frosting. 
yummy yummy
cuties in plaid
Baby Ava and I on her birthday :) 

Baby boy, look at all the fun you will have out here! I am glad you still have three months inside but I am getting so excited to meet you. 

love,mom/alex :) 

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