Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our Puppy Zozie.

On June 7, 2014 we met Zoii and she joined our family. We were a little worried at first. She was VERY shy and nervous, especially around Andrew. She didn't like men very much so it was hard to bond with her. We had two weeks to decide if it was going to work out or not. After the two weeks she had become so friendly and really started to break out of her shell. She fit into our family perfectly. She is the sweetest most gentle and loving dog. I feel that over the past 5 1/2 months that we have had her, we have really gotten to know each other and figure out each others wants and needs. 
I know exactly when she needs to go outside. 
We know she LOVES the park. She wakes up every morning ready to go! 
She loves to play fetch. frisbee or ball. 
She loves anything that squeaks. 
She learned that we like to sleep in and she got better at sleeping in too. 
When she wants attention she comes over and puts her nose under your arm/hand. 
She puts up with all of our games and teasing/putting things on her.  
Once the sun goes down she gets pretty tired and is lazy the rest of the night. She is adorable when she is tired. 
She loves to chew on antlers. 
She loves to have her neck scratched. 
She loves to cuddle. 



Pretty much she is the cutest thing. and yes she is our child at the moment. We love her and I am pretty positive she loves us too. I feel very motherly towards her too.. I feel horrible when we leave her for too long or don't take her to the park or don't show her any love. I think part of it is being pregnant and the other part is just me. dogs need love and friendship too. I hope we are giving that to her cause she deserves it.
and yes I just did a whole post dedicated to my dog. I love all the pictures I have of her!
We love you Zoii.
love,alex &andrew

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