Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Baby: Week 29

How far along: 29 weeks! 
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: 10 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: Same old same old. Just comfy stretchy clothes. Looser shirts and hair ties around the button of my jeans. 
Stretch marks: Same old stuff. 
Belly button in or out: Innie 
Sleep: It is going good. Restlessness and achyness. I was experiencing a little taste of insomnia a couple nights ago but that was probably because I had too much on my mind. It was rough, especially since I had work the next day. 
Best moment this week: Saturday was Andrews birthday and I got to surprise him with a massage. I totally thought he knew he was getting one and it wouldn't be a surprise (and I LOVE surprising him so I was kinda bummed). But when he woke up that morning he asked what we should do that day and I just told him what I had always said for his birthday, whatever he wanted! But this time I then added, but we have to be in Idaho Falls at 3:15 because you have an appointment. He was like uh for what... I had been joking all week about how we should go get pedicures for his birthday so I was hoping thats what he would think. But then I told him he had an hour massage scheduled. He laughed and was REALLY surprised. I was so pleased with myself. haha He was pretty nervous about going cause he had never gone before.. I haven't either so I wasn't much help. I told him he had to do it because he had kept saying he wanted one so there was no chickening out now! He went and I went shopping. When I went to pick him up he said it was amazing! He wants to go all the time now and honestly I think it would be really beneficial health wise if he did. Now to find a way to pay for it. I am so happy he loved it and it was such a great surprise. After we went to Target to do a little shopping for him and then to Stockman's for the yummiest food. It was SO good. yumm. I told him if I could make steak like that at home I would make it once a week. It was a pretty relaxed birthday for him but that is kinda what I was hoping to give him because he has been so stressed out with school. 
Miss anything: Sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my back all of the time and the bigger you get in pregnancy your not supposed to... so I have been trying not to and most of the time I am on my side hugging a body pillow but some times I wake up on my back. When I can't fall asleep I always want to lay on my back because I know I can fall sleep so easily. Soon enough I will be able to sleep on my back again ;) 
Movement: This kid is kicking and moving like crazy!! So much movement. I love it! There are times it kinda makes me/my stomach feel weird but I just remind myself that that is a human in there doing that, my child! AH. When we were at the doctors this week the doctor showed Andrew how to feel baby's head which is in between my hips and then he showed us how he is positioned in there. That was so cool because I can't really tell what is what right now I can just feel lots of movement. This week I have felt some intense movement in my ribs and we realized its his feet kicking me. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it makes me jump or at least need to move to a new position. That is such a weird feeling. 
Cravings: Lots of sweets. and smoothies. I have been wanting any type of drink that is smoothie like. and my regular at Jamba Juice, a mega mango. yummmm. However on Thursday I had to do the glucose test and I was 5 points over.. which is really lame. I think I jinxed myself because I kept thinking I probably do have gestational diabetes. But really I just need to eat healthier and not as much sugar. 
Queasy or sick: Still acid reflux, achy back and legs but other than that I am doing great. 
Looking forward to: I have 5 days of work left! YIPPIE! I am so excited to be done because then I won't be putting so much strain on my body and I can work on all my projects I have AND it will be time to go to California for Christmas. YAY! 

The doctors office was eventful this week. Baby is looking great. Strong heart beat, lots of movement, and measuring great! Myself on the other hand had lots going on. First they had to take my blood and the lady that did it did a horrible job! I am not really afraid of needles. I don't really stress about getting blood drawn but the way she did it, it hurt SO BAD! I looked at Andrew and got big eyes and kept mouthing ouch to him. Once the lady left he even said it looked like she did it wrong and it looked painful. My arm was sore the rest of the day and into the next day. I also have a nice bruise. man who knew getting your blood drawn was such an event! 
I then found out I had to get get a shot cause I have o negative blood type. Luckily that was a breeze. I really didn't even feel anything. And lastly I have slight anemia so I need to have a more iron rich diet.wowza. I'm telling you it was an event. I am just glad baby is healthy and we are keeping track of my health to keep him healthy.

When I looked at the picture this week I turned to Andrew and said no way am I this big! 
It really surprised me. 

Keeping growing strong and kicking around in there, little man. 

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