Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Crew: Five Months

Five Months old!! Where is the time going??? 

20 weeks in, 20 weeks out!
16 pounds 2 ounces
26 inches long 

  • Starting to take interest in the binky.. although sometimes he just chews on it.

  • Loves to roll over onto his belly, which is great for getting those air bubbles out!
  • Loves when we sing songs to him. He opens his mouth really wide and gets a giant smile on his face! 
  • Loves to be in water! Whether it is the bath or the pool he loves it! He is splashing a ton in the bath tub. We have to keep extra towels around to dry things off, like the counter, the mirror, the floor, ourselves..haha it is so fun though! 

  • Crew loves to watch his cousins play and talk. He always looks so interested in what they are doing. 

Least Favorites:
  • Doesn't like rolling from belly to back.. or he just gets stubborn and doesn't do it and cries instead. 
  • Still a little unsure of his carseat at times. I think he just doesn't like being in the back alone. 
  • Does not like loud screaming, like from his cousins! Haha 

Sleep is so random. One night he does great and only wakes up 2 times and other nights he wakes up every two hours. This morning he woke up at 8 but came and snuggled with me in bed and ate and he went right back to sleep until 9:30 then we switched sides and he ate/slept until 11. That was crazy to me because he never sleeps that long without needing to be awake for a few hours. Some nights he even wakes up and doesn't want to go to sleep for an hour or two. Thats always a little frustrating! Lately he does not like to nap anywhere but moms arms. Which means he doesn't nap for very long which makes him very tired by 4pm and then maybe, possibly, hopefully he will lay down somewhere other than moms arms to nap. Most days I just try to enjoy it because I know he will only be this little once and before I know it he won't want to nap in my arms or nap at all. 
We did transition him from the bassinet in our room to the crib in his room. It has felt really nice to have my room back for some reason. I guess it feels more like my relaxation space again. We just decided that since he was getting so long and rolling so much it would be safer for him to be in the crib and I think he is really liking it and for the most part he is doing really well!
Even though I realllllly dislike getting up early, I love when he wakes up for the day and I go in there to get him and he greets me with the biggest smile. It makes my heart burst and makes the lack of sleep so worth it! 
He likes to eat my hair sometimes! 

We are still exclusively breastfeeding. I love those moments in the day where he needs to eat and it just reminds me to sit and relax with my little guy for a few minutes. It is our time to bond and connect. I especially love when right in the middle of eating he stops, looks up at me with those big blue eyes and gives me this shy/sly little smile. Its almost like he is saying hey mom I love you, thanks for feeding me. It is one of those heart bursting moments again. 

  • Crew has started to try and pull his knees up like he is going to crawl. It blows my mind that babies are inherently born to know how to do these things. He has never seen anyone crawl but he just knows that is what he is supposed to do and that is the next step in trying to move. 
  • He also stands on our legs as we hold him up and just loves to stand and look around. Andrew has leaned him agains the table in the living room and he will just stand there and hold himself up. It's amazing to me how strong he is! He has and continues to progress so much and it is amazing to watch as a parent. 
  • He has started to grab and reach for Zoii more. He usually will just watch her and see what she is doing but now if she is close enough he will try and touch her fur and even grab it. Which Zoii isn't too fond of so she just moves away from him! Little does she know what is coming! haha poor dog. She is pretty fascinated with him too. Always trying to lick him or see what he is playing with. Zoii was licking Crew's foot the other day and he actually started to laugh at her! It was ADORABLE!! ah heart burst again. I swear this kid is going to make my heart explode, and I LOVE it! 

  • A few times he has blown bubbles and I even got him on video mimicking me doing it. I love to blow bubbles at him and he has now learned to do it back. Could he be any cuter? 
  • He still LOVES staring at his dad. Andrew will just be sitting on the couch, we could be watching TV, eating dinner, or just talking and we will catch Crew staring at him, sometimes he will even be smiling. Crew loves his dad a whole lot! 
  • At the end of June Andrew's dad, Richard came out to Idaho for the weekend. It was actually his birthday so we all decided it would be a lot of fun to go to Island Park and rent a can-am 6 seater and just ride around for the day. We found the best little camp site and just hung out for the day taking turns riding and watching babies. Crew loved being outside all day and did great just napping in the carrier or in the car seat. He just LOVES the outdoors. I made a little video of it, if you want to watch it just click here

  • This past month we went to St George again. This time for the Fourth of July. It was a LONG drive. Now that Crew is getting older and not sleeping as long this drive is hard! He does not like being in his carseat for so long! and this time we brought his cousin Ryder along. Ryder did great watching movies but if Crew was sleeping and Ryder made a noise or screamed Crew did not like it! I guess we don't make high pitched screams enough at our house ;) haha. but overall it was a lot of fun. Crew got in the swimming pool for the first time and did awesome. He just floated around with us and was so relaxed and chill. He also did awesome with fireworks. He never got scared his eyes just got huge watching them. And then he got fussy because it was way past his bed time so off to bed he went! It was a great first Fourth of July for him! I actually made a video of this trip too so if you want to watch it just click here. 

  • If you want to see the CUTEST clip of Crew laughing at Andrew's hiccups you can click here as well. Haha I like to get lots of video and I really like making these videos of the things we do so stay tuned for lots more since all of our family is coming to visit! 

Crew you are the chillest best little baby ever, and I love you more than you will ever know!! 

p.s -today was Andrew's last day of class for his bachelors!!! YAY we are so excited for him and proud of all of his hard work. Way to go!! We love you!! 

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