Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello Crew: 13 Months Old

Thirteen months old!
He has reached the teens. He is turning into a mini teenager...haha

helping me clean the floors. he loves the brooms, mop, vacuum, everything!
Andrew took this picture right outside our apartment 
  • He loves oranges. and most food right now. He is doing great eating. 
  • He loooooves putting on shoes and also loooooves taking shoes off... so they don't stay on for very long. He is a silly boy. He gets so excited when we put shoes on him but then right away he is trying to get them off unless he is very well distracted. So he doesn't wear shoes very often. I'm ready for summer when it is acceptable to not have shoes or socks. Maybe we will get him some good sandals that we can put on easily for when he starts walking. 
Crawling around in mom's shoes

Least Favorites:
  • I think he is nervous about walking by himself. He does great holding our hands and has even taken a few steps on his own walking between Andrew and I. But he doesn't try it on his own. He knows that crawling is faster.. and probably easier for now. It might take a little more time before he starts walking on his own. 
HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. I repeat... HE IS SLEEEEEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. and napping IN HIS CRIB! You guys my life has changed. I am much happier and a better mom, wife, person, EVERYTHING! When you get a straight 6+ hours of sleep it really changes life. Man even a straight 5+. I never realized how important sleep really was to my well being until I became a mom and it rocked my world. My emotional state has been so much better since getting more sleep. I know we will have our off nights and days but just knowing that most of the time I will be able to get a good nights sleep is WONDERFUL!

To achieve this success I tried many different things. I read lots of articles, blog posts, and books. And then finally I read a book and it all just clicked for me about what I should do and how I should do it. It was all about night weaning for us. Crew was in the routine of waking up to eat every few hours. We had to break that to start. I knew I didn't want to just cut it out cold turkey but I just didn't know what else to do. Then I found this book and it helped me realize what might possibly work for us. I started cutting back the time of feedings. I only went in the room when I had scheduled it, not when Crew would wake up. By doing these two things I weaned Crew of eating at night. And it worked and that was really it. He was in the habit of waking up and now he is not. He wakes up every once in a while and sometimes I know I need to go in and comfort him and other times he goes back to sleep pretty quickly. Life has changed. (do I sound dramatic? cause really it was life changing) 

At Amanda and John's wedding! 
Getting loves from Sydney 
Eating great. Loves food. Wants to use silverware more. Wants to feed himself more. Is drinking through a straw good but still not a ton. 

He is becoming such a fun little boy and not so much a baby. It is a little sad and so fun all at the same time. He loves chasing balls around the house. Loves climbing on me when I am laying on the ground. Loves chasing Zoii around or grabbing her tail or stealing her antler that she chews on. He loves trying to get the dogs food and water. He loves climbing under the kitchen table and chairs. He loves getting into the cupboard and getting the pots and pans out. He loves pushing his cars around the house. He loves banging on the door when he knows there is someone on the other side. 

probably the funniest picture of Crew, EVER! 
Flying to Grandma and Grandpas! 
Headed to the wedding!! 
Crew was very unsure of sitting on the steps. 

During Crew's 13th month...
  • Sleep trained. 
  • Amanda and Johns wedding 
  • We flew to California for Julie and Vals wedding. 
  • Started standing on his own a lot more
    Was getting 4-5 teeth in at one time!!! He was pretty grumpy at this time and not sleeping as well as he has been 
  • Started blowing on food 
  • Becoming more friendly to people 
  • Says ball 
  • Waving a lot more.. Will wave to dad and zoii as they leave 

Love you little cute baby boy.


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