Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello Crew: 14 Months old

Loves "talking to other kids" or joining in other peoples conversations.
Loves saying ball and rawring.
Loves swinging and going down the slide.
Loves going up and down the stairs. He slides down so quickly.
The Easter Bunny came! 
Loves feeding himself and making a big mess while doing it.
Loves putting hands in shoes and crawling around like that.
Loves crawling. Shows a little more desire to walk on his own but still mainly crawling.
Loves his cousins or any other kids that he gets to play with.
Loves sqeezy food packets and not really any other form of fruit or veggie. Starting to become much more picky about how he eats and what he eats.
Loves water, bath, sink, swimming pool, puddles, anything
Loves pushing the stroller around the park. He will walk it all over the place.
His cry is getting much more shrikey.
He is starting to throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants.
Can say dada, mama, ball, yes, and hi.
waves bye.. especially when daddy and zoii are leaving.
He crawled under the carpet and just laid there for a few minutes. 
Doing so much better with seperation anxiety. He will now go to other people and not cry!
Playing at the Bean museum with family 
Loves to stare at people. Very serious and curious.
Loves to explore everything.

He looooves sitting on the four wheelers! 

At fourteen months Crew...

  • Slowly starting to walk on his own. Has taken a few steps all by himself! But still seems pretty unsure about going farther
  • Said bye to dad 
  • Sounds like he can say ball, yes, bye, dada, mama and words that start with b like boat and book, it sounds like he is trying to say it.
  • Loves to splash in the bath tub 
  • Loves throwing or at least trying to throw the ball to zoii 
  • Waved to other people at church while crawling the halls 
  • Started picking up bubbles and washing his body while in the bath.
  • When I ask if he is poopy he grabs his diaper 
  • Loves rolling in the soft blankets or the faux fur rug in his room 
  • Rawrs like a dinosaur 
  • Plays peek a boo with us 
  • Said ouch to dad on May 6 
  • Pointed to a bear on moms shirt and said rawr 
  • Opened book at church and saw a tiger and said rawr.. During sacrament! Haha 
  • Gets excited when you talk about going outside 
  • Will bring a diaper to you if you ask for one(sometimes) 
  • When mom gives him her phone while in the car and its playing Mickey Mouse and then he presses something and it goes away he hands it back to her. 
  • Pushes button to hear Siri on the phone 
  • Knows it's moms phone and hands it to her 
  • Starting to be more confident walking while only holding one of moms fingers 
  • Blows bubbles in water 
  • The day before he turned 15 months he walked the most he EVER has while in target with mom and she even got a video of it. 
All of these little milestones might seem silly but I love seeing him change and grow and learn all of these little things about life. He is the most amazing and wonderful little boy. I love him ohhh so much.

love, mom

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