Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello Crew: 16 & 17 months old

At sixteen and almost seventeen months Crew... 
Will say pup pup for puppy, very sparingly says mom but loves to say dada, says bubs for bubbles.
While cooking breakfast Crew wandered off and we didn't know where he went until we found him hiding here. 
Loves to make messes wherever he goes. He is always pulling things off the shelves or out of the cupboards and spreading them all over the house. 
Everyone always compliments his long beautiful eyelashes. They also say he has a very grown up face and looks like he is really thinking about things. 
He loves vanilla wafers and grapes. 
If you have food and he wants it he will come sit in your lap and wait to be fed. 
Doesn't sit still for very long. He isn't very interested in TV shows. There are too many other things he wants to do. 
When dad spilt a little bit of water he said uh oh and grabbed a towel and put it on the spilled water. 
Loves holding onto Zoii's leash when we take her outside 
Went to swim lessons and hated most of it but he did get better during the two week period. 
Loves babies. He gets really excited when he sees when and says babe. 
Went to nursery again, with mom, and loved playing with the kids, eating snacks and playing with all the toys. 
Loves playing in water. 
Knows how to open the doors in our apartment  (they are latch handles) 
Loves to climb on things like the rocking chairs and his toy bouncer 
Loves nursing.. I'm not sure if I am ever going to be able to get him to stop.. Haha he loves mommy time and cuddle time. We are slowly working on weaning the last three feedings (one morning, one before nap, and one before bed) 
Loves being outside. If you say the word outside you better be prepared to take him outside. 
Has his first dentist appointment on July 12 2016.
Loves motorcycles. While in St George he knew exactly where to go to get to them and always wanted to sit on them. He try's to say vroom vroom when he sees one. 
He likes when dad scares him and throws him on the bed.

Loves to sit and ride on his scooter 


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