Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make it WORK!

What are we about to do?

watch PROJECT RUNWAY! of course..duh. oh am I excited. yes yes yes. I am tired from a long day but inside I am jumping up and down and all around and doing some little flips like the gymnasts at nationals did last weekend.

YAY I am blogging on a week day. I worked really really hard to do this so be happy. :)

We went to the clippers game last night. great seats and man those cinnamon pretzels. yum yum good.

Oh right about the game.. IT WAS AWESOME. Sure they didn't win but I LOVED the game. oh basketball where have you been all summer. I am really getting into the NBA, Thank you Andrew. Before it was all college..cough KU cough cough now as long as it is basketball my heart starts jumping.
It sure is a WONDERFUL sport.

Now I would have a sweet picture of the game but my dang camera won't sync to the dang computer.
dang camera cord dang. Ha okay I am done. but really? I am so sick of having camera problems.. ha but that is a problem if I am going into photography...shoot. And these aren't even big problems.
I feel like such a complainer...

Dear Santa,
I would like you to fix my camera..
or maybe get me a sewing machine so I can create
but then an Ipad would be awesome so I can design..
And please give Andrew an iphone 4 while you are at it.

Did yall ever hear that song by Britney Spears way back when (yes I am bringing HER up again)..
It was like Santa Can You hear me? Yea I have that in my head every time I think of Santa.

Now who is ready for Christmas music. ME ME ME. I want to play it so bad at work but I know that will just make the wait longer. I am so excited for the holidays and to be able to spend it with Andrew. I really like always having him by me and knowing that for now we go on every trip together. Now I am sure all you married veterans are like "enjoy that while it lasts cause you will get sick of him real soon"
Now I am sure it will happen and some days we do need separation but for now I love being around him.

I LOVE him if you didn't know.. :)

We love you all too. Now time for some PR. ah YAY
Peace out. Love Andrew & Alex

Wedding Pictures before the California Reception.. :)

I don't know why but I like this A LOT..

Thanks for stocking us. He is really good to look at. :) 

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