Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Happy happy March 1st 2012

Hey it's March. When did that happen???
Goodbye February. 

I have decided that it would be awesome to be like Edward Cullen. 
not the looks. ew. 
but the fact that he can read peoples minds. 
Although I would like to select whose mind I am reading...
I feel like that would make it easier to communicate with others. 
But then I guess it would cause a lot of problems..

onto my awkward and awesome things :) 

  • I donated plasma on monday and almost past out which is like my biggest fear EVER when I go there. The two times that I have gone I have had to wait three periods of 15 minutes to get my heart beat to slow down. My heart likes to race out of control I guess. 
  • Wind and a skirt. I think there is enough said there. 
  • Not knowing anyone, other than the mommy to be at a baby shower I went to...yes I am one of those people that feels like a buddy when I go to these things. 
  • My lips are cracking and drying out and just DYING every five minutes. Even after putting some lip chap on. What do I do?! ugh 

  • Starting to be healthier. We got or juicer in the mail and have officially started working out. and started eating better. LETS GET IT DONE!  
  • Having a temple right up the street. We can see it everyday and go as often as possible. Its great. 
  • Having a warm house in this wonderful freak blizzard going on outside which makes the roads horrible and our apartment freezing so we stay in one room and keep it warm. 
  • Sleeping in for a long time. 
  • This weekend coming up where I get to just spend time with my hubby and do whatever we want. 

Hmm this was an interesting week. I have been feeling lazy. ha I will definitely be getting more done in the days coming up. Already started my lists. Stay tuned and maybe I will share some project. 

What are your awkward and awesomes this week??

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