Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Championship Game

How has your week been? Ours has been great. fustrating. stressful. productive. boring. fun?
Not too bad I would say. Andrew probably would beg to differ. He has had a stressed out week but he is DONE!!! YAY. He is really happy to have one more semester behind him and I am grateful that he is done writing his dang papers this semester. Now we are off to St. George tomorrow and then California on Monday. YUPPIE. I am glad to have a break from this town. Although the weather has been quite pleasant. So I can not complain. Just time for a break. something new. So I got my HAIR DID!
No, I did not go back to Evans. Never again will I. (If you missed that story click here!) 
I went to Paul Mitchell Beauty school instead. Which I must say was great! Yes they are more expensive, but SO much more professional! And I LOVE how my hair turned out. I didn't do anything really different. Just touched up the regrowth and cut off three inches because my hair is SOO damaged.
I am happy with how it turned out so that is all that matters, right??

Well as you hopefully know the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship Game was on Monday night. We had the Checketts over and I made some homemade pepperoni and ham and pineapple pizza and bread sticks. It was Yummmmmmy. Of course we should all know ;) that Kansas was playing against Kentucky. I pretty much knew they would lose but I had HOPE and lots of it. but in the end they could not pull through which is always a bummer but in all honesty I am so PROUD of my boys and how far they came this year! Everyone said they would lose soon in the tournament but I knew they could get farther! and THEY DID! So honestly that made me happy enough.

Here are some awesome pictures with the cheesing Taeden of course from that night of basketball and food. ENJOY

He likes to take pictures of himself.. what a cutie. 

Aren't these two just the CUTEST! AHH 
I was dying. Andrew literally ran around the apartment with him for probably a good 20 minuetes. Playing all sorts of games and making this kid crack up laughing. 
It was ADORABLE. He is going to be such a great dad :) 

Letting Taeden jump on him. ha 

The aftermath of the pppartya.

Today is friday friday friday. yea yea yea. party. 
We are driving in a car most of the day. four people. and two animals that HATE each other. 
This shall be grand. haha :) 
Hope you guys have a great Easter weekend.
Remember why we really celebrate Easter and who the real reason is for all of our Happiness. 

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