Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Loving--General Conference

Happy April. 
Happy April Fools Day. 
Happy General Conference Weekend. 
Happy less than one week to Spring Break
Happy one week until Easter 
Happy SPRING. 
Happy Day. 
Yup I'm Happy. Are you? 

Aren't these the cutest little signs EVER. General Conference was this weekend. 
It was wonderful. As it always is. 
Did you watch? 
If not go HERE to listen and learn more. 

What are you going to be working on? 

Some of the things that I picked out was...

  • Make a Scripture chart to make sure you do it daily. Start Studying every morning instead of night! 
  • Set Priorities in life. What do I really need to be doing with my time? 
  • Read & Study Daughters in My Kingdom. 
  • Be more thankful for what I have and not dwell on what I don't. 
  • Don't hold grudges or create contention. FORGIVE! 
Just some ideas that I got while listening. Conference is wonderful. VERY Spiritually uplifting. And I love hearing from the Prophet. Listen to all of their voices and seeing there personalities. It is just really cool to me. Makes it seem even more personal. I feel like I am getting to know them and I really feel that love that they have for each of us. I LOVE knowing that what they are saying was inspired from the Lord. He gives them things to say to let us know what we need to work on. 
So what are you going to be working on?? 
Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the weekend. 

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