Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to the Terrible Twos

Picture Overload. 
But aren't they so CUTE! 
You can not have too many pictures of that little boy cheesing. 
So as you can tell this was Taeden's Birthday. 
Isn't it just ADORABLE! 
All the decor and that Cake! Man it is awesome. 
My sister is awesome. yup. 
I think Taeden had a great birthday. He loved all of his presents and is now learning to become a professional basketball player. yup he is already in training. 
and he is an official Mickey Mouse lover. aren't those ears just ador on him! 
I hope you enjoy me showing off my nephew. It is great having him so close. I cherish it and know it will be heartbreaking having to move away from them. 
Hope you guys are having an awesome week! 
Andrew is tackling finals and I am tackling getting all of my last minute projects done before Spring Break and school starting. Use your time wisely is the modo around these parts. 

p.s- want to hear my morning story real quick?
this needs to be documented. 

So last thursdayish I call Evans Beauty College to set up an appointment to get my hair did cause it looks blah..too grown out at the roots. SO, called, said I would like to get it done next tuesday, Tuesday the 3rd. and the girl is like alright I have you down for tuesday with Shelby at 10am. PERFECT.

Now fast forward to this morning. I struggle to get out of bed, get ready real quick, and head on over. 
As I pull up I notice there are NO, let me repeat, NO cars in the parking lot. 
I pull up to the front door and what do I see? 
A sign that says we are closed for April the 3rd and 4th for our SPRING BREAK! 


yes I yelled this in the car. How do you schedule someone OVER YOUR SPRING BREAK???
Honestly I still don't get it and I am very upset with this place and will NEVER be going back. 
That was the last straw. The first one was them messing up my hair a while back. and I was giving them a second chance. but i guess they really didn't want one. 
so next up is Paul Mitchell beauty school tomorrow at 10:45 
they better get it right cause lady is hanging on by a thread when it comes to getting my hair did. 

great story right?? YES! give me a few days and I will be able to laugh about it. As for right now, I am steaming :) 

Have a great day :) 


  1. Oh no.. I WOULD HAVE BEEN ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did they not have your name on their appointment book? Could they not have been profession and call you back!?!? 10am is so early, you could have had extra time to sleep in!!!!!!!!

    wow I am getting very steamed over this story!

  2. LOOOOOOOOVEEEE PAUL MITCHELL!!! WELL DUH I DO!!! But there pm shines are the best!!!!! and the color is the best!!! so much better ally