Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time Well Spent

I LOVE Vacations. I LOVE road trips. I love love love it. 
Maybe its because every year since I can remember we went on road trips with the family. 
Most of the time to Idaho to see family but we went to plenty of other places too.. I just don't have many pictures of those trips. We would spend HOURS in the car. We went from Kansas to Idaho in one day.  Thats about 17 hours. Depending on how many times we stopped. and to be honest I loved it. I love reading in the car or listening to music and watching the scenery go by. 
I have decide I want to go on a major long road trip. 
Let's start off going to kansas. then down to nashville. take a break in florida spending a lot of time on the beach. then make our way up the east coast staying in the cutest little towns but making the ultimate stop in NYC. After that maybe do a little church history touring all over on our way back to Kansas. Then end the trip with st george and provo. Perfection. LETS GO!!!
If only... But for now..
Hope you enjoy looking at my vacation memories, there sure are a lot :) 



New York City 
St. Louis

Las Vegas

Lake Powell 




Nauvoo, Illinois 

Omaha Zoo 

Omaha Zoo 

Jackson Hole 

Salt Lake City 


Disney World 

Grand Cayman Islands 

Grand Cayman 

Los Angeles, California 

Lake Powell 

Las Vegas 

Los Angeles California 

I love that now every vacation will be spent with Andrew. I love always having my best friend there to spend the amazing times with me. It is perfection. love love love. I love having a husband. thats a cool word to say. he is my husband. score. Yes I scored :)
Now here is to the next Vacation and road trip. 
Starting oh lets say TOMORROW! yay. 
We are going down to Provo. 
Then on to St George. 
Here is to sun. fun. awesomeness. ah yay. 
Now we won't have internet sooooo if I don't blog for a while don't worry We will be Back!!!
Oh I love spring break. It would top it off if we had the beach as well..maybe next year. 
Love you all. Remember others. Have an awesome week or so. 
love, alex&andrew :) 

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  1. So fun! What are you guys doing for the summer? Are you guys on track??