Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I learned in school

So far this semester I have learned, 

A. How to draw on my hands
B. How to draw a geometrically correct skull
C. Every teacher thinks I am only taking that class, well except one. 
D. There are like 50 different types of necklines. 
E. If I had $18,000 dollars I could internship in NYC
F. The government can have its good moments. 
G. I need to be able to be creative in a future job. (well DUH)
H. I like mornings..when I get enough sleep.
I. I can draw in magazines. 
J. God is Great. and I love getting credit to take a religion class. 
K. I love my major
L. I can't compare myself to others. 
M. School is expensive.
N. It sucks to buy supplies.
O. I need to always be thinking. I love getting things done and feeling accomplished
P. I have to be organized or I go CRAZY.
Q. Not making a great dinner every night is okay.
R. Not having class on Fridays is a life saver. 
S. I may not have a social life but I will get good grades..hopefully
T. I have an awesome, patient husband. I love him :)
U. He also looks amazing when he is tan ;)
V. Reading in my free time is not an option anymore..or sewing 
W. You just have to learn to laugh and say oh well better luck next time
X. Multitasking is the greatest. 
Y. I love learning. even though it stresses me out. 
Z. I love my life. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have and the support system that I have. 
This is going to be an AWESOMESPICE semester.
one week down and like 14 more to go maybe.. 
HERE WE GoOOOoooo :) 
love, alex&andrew 

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  1. I love this list! So awesome!

    PS. To answer your question on where I get my film developed... I just went to Walgreens and had it put a on disk. that way I can decide with few I really want to print. But they did a great job, and it only costs like $8!