Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Lives!

Happy Easter Sunday from the Sorensen's! 
We hope you all had a wonderful day, hopefully with friends and family. 
We enjoyed going to church and having the Easter program = beautiful music
We then relaxed at home. watched an awesome video from Elder Holland (see youtube - mormon messages everything is wonderful)
Then went and spent the evening having dinner with the Brown family. 
It was wonderful. 

We hope you all remember our Savior, Jesus Christ, today and everyday. 
He has done so much for us. He gave us the greatest gift. The gift of eternal life. 
I feel so blessed to have His gospel in my life and feel of his love. 
I know that he loves me and died and was resurrected for me. 
I know that through Him I can repent of my sins and live with him and my family again, for eternity. 
Lets start this week out with a smile on our faces. 
We love you all. 
love, alex&andrew 


  1. I love to hear how you and Andrew are doing! It is so fun. Since I have not created a blog yet I will just tell you about our Easter. It was fun that Steve Crawley, my cousin I lived with when I was living in Calf. and had Andrew came from Arazonia to visit and bring his daughter up to college, they went to church with us and had dinner with us and my sister and kids and mom after church. I taught the Laurels , Mason was set apart as the second counselor of the Teachers Quorum, we had a nice nap and went for a fun spring walk and enjoyed the tulips and daphodils it was a great sunday. I Love Easter and all it represents for us. Love you two! Marilee

  2. Love your dress! You both look beautiful!