Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had forgotten to post this for the past month. Mostly because I had to narrow down the pictures and then figure out how to share them. In the final days of being in Kansas we spent two days at this wonderful place called the Great Wolf Lodge. It is the greatest Lodge to stay at in the Kansas City Area. They have an indoor water park with a couple slides and pools and huge playground. AWESOME! It has become a tradition, kind of, in our family to go there every year after christmas. Great in the winter when you need something new to do outside of your house. 

What a great play place for young and old
I love it. I wish we could go back right now. 
Rexburg is way too cold. and windy. and BORING. can I just tell you how excited I am to leave???
really really excited. I need more. more. more. 

At the last minute this past weekend we decided to travel down to St. George. What a GREAT decision that was. We saw the SUN! WOAH. I have missed that wonderful thing. and when we do have it in Rexburg it is way too cold to enjoy it. I love having a little break from our little apartment. Coming back was hard. Literally. Of course a storm hit so we had to go slow and drive through lots of snow. If you know that drive you know that it is really sketchy when snowy. I was nervous to say the lest. but it all worked out great. Heavenly Father is definitely watching out for us. in a lot of things. Now back to cold, snow, school, and normal everyday life. But sometimes that is nice too :) 
How was your weekend?
p.s- We just ordered a juicer. I am super duper excited to start using it. stay tuned for updates :) 

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