Monday, March 25, 2013

Turnbull Adventures

I seriously can't get enough of this family. 
They always so entertaining to be around. 
And the nicest, sweetest, third family of ours. 
I consider them family more than anything. 
I feel so blessed to have them apart of our life. 
Thanks for being such great friends Turnbulls!
We hang out with these kids at least once a week.
 It's been great to have such fun people close by.  
Cutting Off Chris's tail. 
And it has been chopped! 
Trying to see how many toothpicks can fit in this guys beard. 
250 toothpicks in that man beard! 
Chris attempting a crazy push up 
And then he tried a clapping one. 
And that is a look into this wonderful house hold. 
They keep life exciting. 
the end :) 
p.s - I just realized these are all of chris and cj. I guess I need to get some photos of Amanda and Sydnee doing something crazy. Guess that will be next time! 

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