Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Best Presidents Day EVER

This day in time was beyond crazy. In the most amazing and wonderful ways. We had gone to St. George for the weekend but had to be home on Monday so that Andrew could go to work even though I didn't have school. The plan was to come home Sunday evening but it got so crazy and Andrew was doing pretty bad with his sickness (yea the one that he STILL has) so we decided to go to bed early and get a good nights rest and then wake up and go in the morning and get there in time for him to get ready for work. Well we got there just in time to go to work. No getting ready. No nothing. Just drop me and all of our stuff off at home and go.
This is a view from this house in St. George. HOW INSAIN is that??
 I absolutely love it. It was literally a wall of windows. did I mention I love it.  
I was also in a hurry to get out the door again but for a much more awesomer reason :)
My sister Justina and her husband Curtis and my babies, aka Taeden and Caleb, came to town and I was eager to see them. I miss them. A Lot. I need babies in my life to remind me why I don't have babies in my life yet. ha. But really they are the cutest little things and I love this little toddler stage that Taeden is in. THE CUTEST! ah, kills me every time. So we met up at Scheels, also talked about here.

This was so much fun. There was so much for Taeden to look at, and Curtis ;) 
I was VERY surprised when Taeden really wanted to ride the Ferris wheel that is in the middle of the whole building. It is really cool looking but I thought he would freak out the moment it got really high but he never did! He enjoyed every moment of it and was sad when he had to get off. 
I got to play with Caleb while they road which was equally fun. He is such a happy baby and full of warm smilies. I am kinda in love with all of these pictures I took. So many photo-ops at this place! and stay tuned because once I get more from Justina I mighhht have to post them. (if you think this is a lot, just wait until we have a child..ha) 

UHM then the day just got 100 million times BETTER. And lets just say that it was already pushing the couldn't get any better than this day. Well Justina had e-mailed our brother Cameron, who is on a mission for our church in Salt Lake City, and asked him if he would be able to go to lunch with us or something. Well she kept checking her phone the whole time and then finally, 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave he e-mailed her back and said Let me ask my mission president. WELL he did and after a few emails back and forth and a little confusion, the Pres. said YES! 
WOOOOOOOOPIE. I was so very very surprised. But I have heard about how awesome he is through a few pretty good sources, so this made him even greater in my eyes. 
We met up with him at this really old church in the city. He told us it was this creepy old church and when we pulled up I was like oh my gosh this place is beautiful. HA guess we have two different perspectives on the beauty of old architecture. He was writing his letters home so we just sat around and talked with him and a few other missionaries. Then we went to crown burger so we could eat and talk some more of course. 

Elder Brown writing home. 

Holding Baby Caleb for the first time. 

Oh just chillaxing with Elder Brown.. T is really into it. 
It was so wonderful talking with him. He has such an amazing spirit. I still can't even believe that he is a missionary. He is so dedicated to the spanish community in Salt Lake City. I loved hearing him speak in spanish. It is beautiful and he is amazing at it. I can't believe that in 8 months he can speak complete sentences and have conversations in spanish. HOW COOL. I feel so blessed to be a member of this wonderful church and I am so proud of my little brother for being so selfless and giving up two years of his life to serve the Lord. What a glorious thing he is doing. I look up to him for the wonderful faith he has and exudes not only in his letters but to every person he meets. The whole time we talked all he did was tell us about the people he is meeting and teaching. I know that really loves the people there and truly has a testimony of the things that he is teaching. I just love him so much.
Caleb is freakin out. bahh. He loved Elder Browns name tag. 
Me and Elder Brown. YAY 

It was one of those perfect days. I loved seeing everyone and catching up and just relaxing with family. I love them all so very very much. 
I guess this post is a little mushy too. Ah, I guess I just love my family so much I have to share it with the world. Its grrrreat. 
p.s - is saying love 11, well now 12 times too much for one post? 

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