Friday, April 5, 2013

Andrew did something silly..

He decided it would be "fun" to do the taco challenge.
This consisted of him getting one of those boxes that comes with 12 tacos at taco bell and eating it in under 30 minutes, allllll by himself. 
Well he had been talking about it for a while. So he decided it needed to happen. Just for "fun."


We got it. Went home. Watched some March Madness. and he ate 12 tacos in 25 minutes. 


But now he can say he did it right? 
He was full for a long time after that. 
And then the next day he felt really bad for his body. 
It was sluggish.  

Not such a smart idea.
but I thought it was entertaining. 

Oh well I guess you have to try things at least once in your life, right?

Now he knows how great it is :)

love you mister!

love,alex :) 

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