Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Accomplished Goals: I ran a 5k!

Okay so maybe I didn't run the whole thing but I participated and finished and I am really excited about it! Now just because I checked that off of my list does not mean I am going to stop. I am still working on my endurance and running skills. Have you heard of the app, couch to 5k? It is suppose to help you go from sitting on the couch/not exercising to running a 5K and so far I have loved using it and am continuing to work my way up on the 9 week program it gives you. I keep stopping or getting distracted so I am not as far as I planned but oh well I am just excited that I am still going somewhat strong!!

So this 5k that I accomplished was more than just for one of my goals it was for a great person in both Andrew and I's life. Andrew's cousin Kate married a man named Jace. They have the CUTEST little boy named Trevin and I am sure you have seen them in some of my last posts. They are the cutest little family.

The little Super Family! 

Sydnee got second for the women! WAY TO GO! 

Well ever since Jace was young he has had Kidney problems. His mom donated her kidney to him when he was around 16 years old I believe but now that he is older he is in need of a new one. He goes to dialysis regularly.

The Family!  
This was a 5k to help raise money for Jace and his family. It is a wonderful cause. The theme was to dress up as super heroes. Although I had big plans to make a cape and mask, I didn't get around to it so I decided the superman shirt would work!

We love them lots! 
We had such a fun time running/ walking and I am so glad we were able to raise awareness and support for such a great guy and his adorable family. There was even a little kid race where Trevin got to run!

If you would like to help support Jace by donating click here!

love, alex&andrew

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