Sunday, April 28, 2013

BYU Basketball 2012-2013

I know I don't need to say this again but I will.
We love our sports.
Being at BYU this year has brought so much excitement and enjoyment into our life. And not only because of the sports but that is a large part of it!

I know that I especially have LOVED going to the basketball games. That is by far one of my favorite sports to watch and I have loved being able to watch it live so many times.

Now that the season is over I wanted to do a little review on our adventures to the basketball games!

Do you see the long line?

A packed house! 

Waiting in line in the cold. We are crazy! 

Whoosh Cecil! 
I love this school. I love basketball. and I love calling this team my team. We had so much fun going to the games and I can't wait for more! Andrew did such a good job each game going early.. when he could.. to wait in line and get us the best seats possible. And honestly that made each game so much better! This last picture of Tyler shooting a free throw was the last game at the Marriott Center for the season and we were on the third or fourth row I think. It was AWESOME! I could hear when Tyler or Brandon or anyone got mad. And we could see how they reacted to everything. I loved it. We may not have won a national title but I think we did a great job and we will continue to get better. Way to go boys!!

I already can't wait until next season! Even walking or driving by LaVell Edwards stadium I get excited for Fall. Awh its beautiful.

love, alex&andrew

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