Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Talk..

It has been a crazy semester. I feel that it has gone so quickly but slowly but quicker than fall semester. It has been one great semester. I have actually really enjoyed it. But it is really nice to almost have it behind me. I have one semester left and one internship/class left. Let's chat about that...

So about a month ago I sent out my resume to those businesses that I wanted to intern at. I was reallllllly nervous and then when I got a reply saying that they wanted to interview me and I needed to bring in my past work, thats when I really started to freak out!

I hate applying for jobs and interviewing and putting my work out there. I just would rather not do those adult like things. or just get a job with out even applying (now thats the easy life)

I had been talking with the internship coordinator for like 4 months by now and figuring out what I should do and when to talk to people and such, so I was feeling pretty prepared.

My dream internship was Shabby Apple.
Now if you don't know what that is you should go google it and go drool over all of their dresses. I have loved them since.. probably sometime in High School when I found out who they were. I just love how sophisticated, feminine, and modest EVERYTHING they make is. And they are here in Utah which is nice so that we don't have to move for just four months.

So I applied for their internship position.
and was scared.
and nervous.
and excited.

and then they replied saying they would love to bring me on as an Intern!

I honestly could not believe it and still can't at this point. I keep thinking something is going to happen to make it so it doesn't all work out. That is why I really haven't told many people.
You would think I would be shouting this on the roof tops but honestly I have kept it pretty quiet over here until everything has been finalized.

And I can officially say that in a little over two weeks I will start interning at Shabby Apple.
I am beyond words excited.
Can't Wait to get it started.

I will be working on pattern work, sample making, sourcing fabric, assisting, and anything else they might need.

So now you know! I am nervous to start working in the sewing/fashion industry but I am excited to start something new and so amazing.

This is going to be one GREAT summer. I can already tell.
I will also be taking a Swim wear/ Knits class which I am also beyond excited about.
Then it is just one more semester to go and I will graduate!!! YIPPIE!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!
love, alex


  1. That's awesome!! Congratulations!!!

  2. You are amazing! Don't forget me when you are a big time fashion diva!

    1. Oh I would never forget you! and thanks. You are amazing too!

  3. Yeah! Alex! so so happy for you. That is so wonderful when dreams come true. I am so impressed. Hugs! Marilee

  4. Congratulations! What a fun place to work at!