Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello Baby - 22 Weeks

How far along: 22 Weeks
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: around 7lbs. 
Maternity clothes: Stretchy pants are awesome. I just got a pair from walmart and they are the greatest things ever. I want to go buy every style and multiples of them. 
Stretch marks: Okay I'm going to be honest. I already had stretch marks from puberty.. so I guess yes I have them but I don't think there are new ones but then again who knows now. 
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleep has been off and on but mostly good. I enjoy sleeping as much as possible :) 
Best moment this week: I had a four day weekend. It was lovely. and I got to spend the day with Andrew on Friday. Now it was only running errands but we don't get much time to hang out these days so that was good enough for me. I love that guy and all the hard work he is doing. 
Miss anything: I miss Andrew having Friday and Saturday nights off. But I can't complain because he loves scaring and its a job that he is getting paid for. In two weeks it will all end and we will be back to normal but for now thats what I miss. 
Movement: Lots of movement now. Andrew felt baby kick (FINALLY). I was really wanting Andrew to feel him and he did and it was so exciting. I think it made it all real for him. and it is definitely making it more real for me. When Andrew felt him he got huge eyes and gasped and got so excited. It was adorable and everything I had been waiting for. He has felt him a few times since and loves it. Feeling him move is the craziest and yet coolest thing.  
Cravings: I really want caramel apples. pretty sure I will have to make some this week. probably with my mom and Taeden and Caleb.   
Queasy or sick: No sickness. Lots of acid reflux this week. like every night. I was pretty used to it before pregnancy so thats not a huge deal. I have also been feeling tightness/cramping. Legs and butt are still killers. Today I was walking through Walmart and had to full on slow down and pause before my leg full on gave out on me. I am sure I looked like a hobbling/limping old lady.  
Looking forward to: I get a new niece this week!!! YAY! Baby is getting a cousin. They will be about four months apart. how fun will that be! I can't wait to meet the little cutie and make her all sorts of cute stuff. 

Here we come week 23! I love you little guy and all your rambunctious, kicking me all over, making me sleepy self. You are awesome. 

love, alex 

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