Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello Baby - Week 20

How far along: 20 weeks, Half way there! crrrrazy
Gender: Baby is a BOY!!
Weight gain: around 4-5 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: I just got this belly band thingy so that I can leave my pants unbuttoned all the time. haha I hope it works good cause my regular pants are super comfy its just the waist that bugs me. Lots of loose shirts are being worn. I feel weird wearing a tight shirt because it feels like my baby bump/pudge is just hanging out all like oh is she pregnant or just chubby.
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleep is good except this week I have had major achy legs by the time I wake up. It's like they are asleep and need to be shaken awake. No leg cramps yet, which is nice!
Best moment this week: Finding out baby was a boy, on Wednesday! We had to go to a different office to get the ultrasound done and I took us to the wrong building. Yup I was just trusting the fact that I had been to that building 2 years ago and I took us to the wrong one. Andrew proceeded to make fun of me. Then when we checked in they asked me if I had the paper the doctor gave to me and I didn't because I didn't realize I needed to bring it. I just thought it was a reminder that I had an appointment. Guess not. I was on a great roll that day. It was really quick and easy to figure out what we were having. We told the lady we wanted to know and she asked what we wanted and as we said it I could see the screen and knew it was a boy. He is proud of himself. I was glad we could tell though, I didn't want to have to wait any longer. The ultrasound tech said, "Yea I am about 99.9% sure it is a boy" haha YAY! We were and are so happy. It makes it that much more real to know what we are having and to see him moving around in there! It is crazy because I don't look big or really that different and there is a full on baby in there! Still lots to develop but all the right body parts and looking so big already. He is measuring 5 days earlier than the original due date but we will stick to the original as it is more accurate. He is probably just a big kid because of mom and dad. He loves sucking his thumb and having his hand up by his face. The whole time we were in there his hand was by his head. We even saw him full on sucking his thumb!! SO CUTE and crazy that we can see it all so well. He was even jumping on/kicking my full bladder! That was pretty cool to see on the screen. Then I went to the bathroom and he started moving around so much more, almost like he was so happy to have all that room back. Man, I wish we could see him moving around in there every day but I know soon enough we will have the real thing out here with us! He is looking healthy and all seems to be developing well.
Miss anything: Not being in pain. My back and legs are really taking a toll and we are pretty sure it is only going to get worse. The placenta is in the back which pulls the baby back instead of being pushed out (hence why my belly isn't looking all basketball like just yet) which also makes it so my nerves are getting a lot more pressure on them. It can be really painful and hard to move at times.
Movement: I feel him every now and again. Usually at night before I go to bed and sometimes after I eat or my bladder is full.
Cravings: I am loving all candy lately. Especially things I can just suck on, like jolly ranchers and jawbreakers. I am still loving lots of smarties.
Queasy or sick: No queasiness or sickness. I feel that my sense of smell is heightened a lot! When ever I walk into a room I can typically pick out a smell really quickly. 
Looking forward to: This is my last week at Downeast and I am really looking forward to only having one job so I can rest a little more and make more youtube videos! I have some great ideas for the month of October and can't wait to get sewing. I think it will also help my back and legs to work one day and have the next day off. 
Our "It's a BOY" Announcement 
What a cute little profile 
His foot! 
Skeleton looking face.. kinda creepy, but cool. 
sucking his thumb! 
20 weeks along, 20 week to go! 
I love you little guy and I am so happy to be your mama! 

love, Alex 

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