Sunday, October 24, 2010

the best day of the week.

Why is it that I always feel so tired on Sundays after church? I mean we get to sleep in and its not like I am doing anything too strenuous but man am I sleepy.

I just love Sundays though. Really all you have to do is relax. I have made it a goal to have all my homework done on Saturday so that Sunday is a worry free day. It is just wonderful.

Gosh I love blogging but it is hard to do it more than once a week. We are SO busy.. so I am sorry I am slacking but so are the people that read this blog..aka you. Maybe if there were more comments and I really knew that people where reading it I would write more.. ha so try me and we will see.

This week was full of working. We had three seminars this week so I had to get ready for them and go to two of them making for one early morning and one later night which then means I had to spend the rest of my time doing homework.

Now Andrew has had a great week moving all of the stuff in my office to a different one, creating a filing room. And with all of that excitement this week he has managed to watch A LOT of sports. From a BYU game to a Oregon game to a Oklahoma game.
but wait there is something more exciting to tell...


We are going to the clippers home opener AND the Oregon vs. USC game. WOAH
So next week will again be filled with some AWESOME sports. and this will be my first real college football game so I am pretty excited for that and to see Oregon kill. :)

We went and saw the Hereafter on Friday. It was sad. I wasn't a big fan. Definitely a one time movie unless you like being sad a lot.

Story time..

Saturday we were going to Walmart to get a few things and we were almost out of Andrews neighborhood/ at the bottom of the hill if you know what I am talking about, when we had to pull over because there was a HORRIBLE smell coming from the air vents. Andrew pops the hood and gets out and as he does a rat is running over to the side. Andrew gets a stick and starts hitting it.. needless to say I am like what the heck are you doing, why in the world do you need to go do that.

So then he opens the hood and a rat is staring at him. After a few seconds it runs down into the engine. There is a large pill of leaves and twigs in the middle of the hood. AWESOME. yeah NOT so much.
We drive back up to the house and proceed to pull/vacuum/spray out the hood of the car. Unfortunately the air still smells of rat PEE. yes that is right. Nasty, stinky, smelly, rat pee. ughhhh.

We tried to air it out but it got to the point were we really don't want to turn the air on even. Stupid rats.

It better go away or we will be suing the rat community.  

Now for a better note Andrew and I got to shake Elder Nelsons hand last week. SWEEET. I know right? He talked at Stake Conference (sorry for those of you who have NO IDEA what I am talking about, he is a leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Andrew and I's church that we are members of. And Stake Conference is when a large group of us, larger than normal sundays, get together to listen to speakers.). He is a wonderful speaker and I just loved it. He brought such a strong spirit and love to the meeting. How wonderful. :)

To add to this happy moment here are some more wedding pictures. :)

We got married here :) It is the Los Angeles LDS Temple

This is my sister Emily and our Niece Haizlee. I LOVE how this turned out. ADORABLE. 

Right after we got married, coming out to meet everyone :) 

Parents! :)

Bridesmaids & I

Andrew & the groomsmen on left and then Curtis, Justina's Husband and there son Taeden. So adorable. 

Yes our feet..and yea I wore four different pairs of shoes..two different yellow ones and two different white ones. ha what can I say I like shoes :) 

Okay well thats it for now. We love you all. 
Andrew is an amazing, funny, outgoing, wonderful husband. 

We love you all! 
Love, Andrew & Alex 


  1. Hey Alex. Glad to hear you are settling in. I didn't know you were such a sports fan. I hope married life is treating you well. It is fun to read your posts. :) Have a great week!

  2. Okay the yellow shoes and then your amazing wedding shoes... I about died! LOVE.

  3. I love the blog! Keep posting!!
    Sundays do make us tired because we sit for 3 hours. Sitting makes me tired, that is why I love primary, always on the go.
    Love you lots! Have a wonderful day!

  4. It worked, posting my comment worked!!!!