Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you be in love with a picture?

We LOVE our wedding pictures so here are a couple to get you all started as well as a few of my Bridal shots and more will come. I feel like I should spread them out over a couple posts so its something to look forward to.. like Christmas happening more then Hanukah ;)

 Our Photographer was the incredibly talented and amazing and fun loving guy, Dustin Izatt! 
He did my sister Justina and Curtis's wedding and I just had to have him back for ours. So go look up his website, blog, twitter...whatever, just stock him cause he is good. 

Keep going down...

They are coming...

Ok here you go! ( I had to make sure they wouldn't overlap with the words) 

Well I gave you all a really good look at them. ha so enjoy. I know we sure do.
p.s - Isn't he such a hottie? ;) I am one lucky lucky girl. 


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! you make a beautiful bride! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous!!
    You definetly made a beautiful bride!!