Monday, October 11, 2010

Missionary Moments!

As Andrew watches football I am supposed to be doing homework but then I thought oh man I haven't blogged in a while. Guess my homework will have to wait.

We had a pretty good past week. We are both working at Estate Strategies. I am on the office work and Andrew is on the landscaping/fixing the building work. I think it has and will be a lot of learning and growing for the both of us! I will grow in the mind and Andrew will grow in the tan and arms. ;)

This past weekend we saw "Life as we know it" and went to Snapper Jacks.
Good Movie, Good Food, Good Times. :)

Guess what is on tomorrow? OH if you don't know shame on you! it is GLEE!!!

I think Andrew and I will be culinary specialist. Not only do we watch the awesome cooking shows but we MADE carmel popcorn and this really good Beef and Broccoli.

That makes us like Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray. Oh what a combination!

My Best Friend Morgan Boone has gone on a Mission to Spain and Andrew's Best Friend Logan Rahn is on a Mission in Kobe, Japan so I thought it would be fun to pay a tribute to them.

So here we go.. girls first..

Morgan Watkins Boone left on September 29th 2010
She is still in the MTC but will be going to Spain in three weeks or so..?
We were roommates in the Summer of 2009 and just went from there. I love her so much. She is just an amazingly beautiful girl and has an even more beautiful spirit. Now here are pictures!


Logan Andrew Rahn left on May 6th 2010. 
He has been in Japan for over a year in a half. 
Andrew and him have known each other pretty much since before they were born. They have been best friends there whole lives and I constantly hear stories about there good times together. They are just like brothers I hear and I CAN'T WAIT to meet this guy. 

Andrew on the Left, Logan on the right..I'm not sure on the sorry

Now these two people are amazing. and We LOVE them so much. 
But we can't leave out some of our other missionary friends so here is a picture for each person we know on a mission. 

An incredible person, Aleni is serving in Finland! 

Funny man, Taylor serving in Mexico!

Lakers Fan, Ryan ( on the far right) serving in Argentina 

Andrew's friend (I dont know much about her other than she has beautiful red hair!), Hannah serving in Utah

Well I think this ended up being longer than I thought which makes me VERYY Happy. Yay blogging.  
I hope you all enjoyed and if you are feeling really good you can write all of these lovely people and give them some inspiration and love. Just ask us and hopefully we have the address

Peace out! 
Love, Alex & Andrew Sorensen 

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