Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's Go CougarJayhawksDucks

Basketball season starts really soon.. like 17 days for KU and 21 days for BYU

We are really really excited. Now I heard from a little bird that BYU will be amazing like top 10 amazing and for KU I have no idea. I barely have time to look up when they start playing let alone how good they are. I am sure if you asked Andrew he will have some idea or find out. 

We are watching BYU football at the moment. We expect them to lose cause they are against number 4 in the country TCU but I can wish, right? We had an awesome dinner or chicken and ribs tonight and then apple pie and ice cream for dessert. oh man I NEED to exercise. yea its hard to start that. And my scars on my stomach feel weird sometimes when I use stomach muscles too much.. blah. 

Sorry I didn't blog at all this week. It was busy and I barley finished all of my homework in time. 
Even this weekend I had this random to do list. I think it is what I just like to do. I like to make to do lists so that when I finish something..even if it is really small.. I feel good about it. ha go me. 

Now to go along with my wonderful sports talking post I am going to let you all in on the BEST team football video EVER. And to go with it I have a story...
Andrew's old roommate Morgan Leader (they were roommates Fall 2009 and Summer 2010) is from Oregon and he is obsessed with the Oregon Ducks (College team for those of you not familiar with sports) 
Now Morgan would walk around the apartment and randomly yell I LOVE MY DUCKS. 
And it had a little tune to it so I always thought oh thats a cute little song for the ducks... hm well little did I know.
Other times he would walk around and sing I SMELL ROSES.. yea that one had me a little puzzled. 
And Andrew would always play along with it so I just thought it some sports thing that I just didn't know anything about. 

Well about two weeks ago Andrew was like SUPER excited about this video he found and he was like I have to tell Morgan right away! He showed it to me and everything started clicking. It was the follow up video to the first one. So then he showed me the first video they made and I was like WOAH the whole semester now makes a little more sense. HA

SO here is the low down. These guys go to The University of Oregon and had to make a video for class so they made this first one.. and it has to do with the I Smell Roses reference ... There group name is supwitchugirl so that is what the reference to that is..So click on the I smell roses and it should take you to YouTube. 

I Smell Roses

Now the second video is what Andrew got REALLY excited about and I think it is AWESOME!
I want to be a duck fan because of it. So listen and watch and tell me what you think.

I don't care if you are a kid, a teenage, a college student, a mom, a sister, a friend, a WHATEVER but you HAVE TO watch at least this second video. okay go!

Return of the Quack

Ok well I hope you enjoyed those cause I know we sure do. KU and BYU NEEDS one of those.

Well here are a couple more wedding pictures to make you smile. This is California Reception...

This was on top of our cupcake stand so they had me hold it for a min. 
An LA glass temple is on top if you were wondering :) 

Getting the Garter..

Throwing the bouquet 

Us :)

Sorensen Family 

Us getting ready to leave. Yea they totally plastered the car. 

Okay Love you all BYE!

Love, Alex & Andrew

P.S - We get to see President Nelson tomorrow for Stake Conference. WOAH. 


  1. I found your blog! YAY! Who's the KU fan? That's one of Will's top picks for grad schools...
    I hope all is well in CA.

  2. I am the KU fan (Alex). Ha I am from Kansas and live about 45 minutes from KU. I am in love/ obssesed with their basketball team. You should definetly go to school there!