Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drum Roll Please!!!!



I know that this is the moment we have all be waiting for. So I threw it all together and here ya go :)

You probably won't get the full effect but that is what visiting is for so visit us NOW! We have an extra room :) no bed...but a WHOLE, junk filled, room. perfection. 
So as we tour the apartment please keep your arms and legs in your seat at all time and your computer online, we don't want you to miss a thing. 
Now as we beginning we walk in the front door, we live on the first floor which I am LOVING so far, you walk in to see our living room and this is the wall you see. I love the art work we have so I had to show it off.

This is our living room. Just a typical night of hanging out on the couch for us, watching tv. The pictures above are on the wall to the left of Andrew and the front door is on the right. 

To our left, when you walk in the front door we have the start of the kitchen/ dinning room?
We have this lovely shelf sitting in there. Yes it is a work in progress on the decorating.. but so far so good. Oh and our FISH. yes we got a first pet :) His name is Elias and he is a beautiful turquoise. 

Then turn to your left of this you have our table and another wonderful piece of Art that we LOVE. 

Another left and you have the kitchen, small but wonderful for us. I think it is just the right size for us. 

Now if you go down the hall we have the bathroom. It is HUGE and I LOVE it. It also has the washer in dryer in there but once you have seen one I think you have seen them all. 

Here we have one of the few decorations/ special things in the extra room. 
Aren't they adorable?  :)

My workshop :) It is still in the works but I am loving this room, the art/craft/SEWING table. 
YAY for extra rooms. I feel weird in a nerdy way for being so excited about the sewing machine. ha 

Now that is pretty much it for the tour. Sorry no bedroom. Maybe if you VISIT I will let you see :) 
But here is my first sewing project! yayyyyyy 
It is an Apron, still in the works but I hope to finish tomorrow. I think it is going to turn out SO CUTE!
I have decided I am turning into a wonderful "homemaker" as funny as that sounds. But Andrew goes to school and I work on what I LOVE. Sewing, fashion, whatever I want. I do clean quite often but thats cause I am so obsessed with it.. yes I am turning into my mother. thats okay with me though :)

Another reason I am turning into a SWEET homemaker is because I am really learning to COOK. Yes that is right Alexandria is Cooking. Real meals too. However we have gotten some great laughs and giggles out of what happens when I cook. Oh the stories we will be able to tell. 
Lets just say Sunday I want to make dinner, my favorite dinner ever, Eggplant parmigiana YUM YUM YUM, and what happens??? the FIRE ALARM goes off. And not only did it set off our apartment but it set off the WHOLE BUILDING. AHH 
So everyone in the building is standing outside in coats, blankets, with their dogs, while it is sleeting, and I am hiding in the corner hoping no one really thinks it was me..
No it was not burning, I just have the fry the eggplant and I didn't realize how smoky it was getting and ughhh yea it was SO SO SO embarrassing :( 
Now if you were wondering Andrew did get a little video of it oh how nice of him I know. ha 
Well Just Click below to watch, I am sure you will enjoy it. 

However the only thing I have really burnt since we have gotten married is toast and everyone does that right? Ha 
Tonight for dinner I made Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice and corn. Yummy 
And then I decided not to exercise and make cookies instead. GREAT idea. 
We ran out of oil so for I did the whole applesauce substitute, not too bad but not the same as my really fattening cookies. Here is the finished product. 

We have been spending a lot of time hanging out with Justina, Curtis and Taeden and I know how much people, aka my mom, loves seeing pictures of him so here are some more. He is SUCH a cutie. 
I think when Andrew and I start having kids I will be obsessed with taking pictures and blogging about them.. oh man watch out. I really will be a homemaker then. ha
Maybe I should look up the definition of that word to really know what it means.. hm
Well here he is...

He was having a good time hanging onto this table and banging on it. 

I am really going to start doing shorter hopefully daily blogs...ugh I can't promise anything but I really want to try. But then again I said I wanted to exercise everyday and well that is still in the works although I am getting there. 
Goodnight and Goodbye all. 
Love Life and don't take it for granted. 
Aimer, Andrew & Alex


  1. loved everything in this post :) the little guy is too cute!

  2. hey! hah cute! what a fun apartment!! i love it! Where are ya'll living?? i loved your comment that you left me, too funny! i don't think its creepy, i have 55 followers and i only know about 20? i dont know where anyone comes from...but its not creepy in your case cause i know you guys haha. How's everything going? Now that i know you have a blog, i'm going to have to catch up on everything i've missed! My major is sociology but i'm minoring in photography! I do it on the side to bring in a little cash-flow---you know. hah anyways! i'm excited to start reading your blog! you guys are so cute! :]

  3. Cute apartment! Looks like a perfect first place. I'm glad you stocked my blog ... I love finding blogs of people I know. It's such a great way to keep track of what everyone is doing these days. Keep having fun being a newlywed! :)

  4. Who's Aimer? Loved watching the "firemen video" again! So sweet....!

  5. P.S. The applesauce may not taste as good, but you can eat more cookies cuz there's less fat! :D

  6. P.P.S. I have always LOVED the wall art of the tall trees. I wanted to buy it too, but didn't know where I would put it. Haha. Funny that you two bought it! cute apt!