Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This isn't the NBA this is REXBURG!

We are a family in LOVE with sports so it wouldn't be right if we didn't play a little too. 
Last night was Andrew's first game with his new team.
It was the first time they met, spoke in person, played together.. ha
Lets say it is hard to go from watching NBA to watching college to watching not so much college..

The teams and MY man number 20 

Okay tall kid with the mustache
bahahaha sure did entertain me

PLAY ball

Take him DOWN!!!!

Me. hanging out watching. by myself. hm

I have no idea where Andrew is in this.

Run Run Run 

Man down

butty butty butty

I am not watching REAL college basketball, I am not watching REAL college basketball, 
I am not watching real college basketball. 

It's up and.. 

So that was our night. Oh what fun.
Some people need to learn they weren't chosen to go to the NBA so there for they should NOT play like they are in the NBA. ohh my.
Whats your favorite sport to watch? I LOVE watching college basketball. 
Well Dog went to the bathroom outside today. I literally jumped up and down. 
He is fascinated with the snow. Its adorable when he slips on the ice. 
Playing in Salt Lake this weekend. YAY I get to see my parents. YAYYYY 
I am so bored sitting at home. Blah and my throat is hurting again :( 
I think I am going to try and finish my apron today. 
What should I make for dinner? hum dee dum daaa
I feel like I keep changing what I want to do with my life. Well not changing, nothing has changed I just think of other things to do and what else I could do. I want to do EVERYTHING. 
What do you like to do when you are bored? Reading, Crafts, Sleeping, watching TV..
I hate watching so much tv but then again I LOVE it. uhhh I feel like I am being so lazy, which I am. 
Guilty Pleasures of the Month = Teen Mom, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Next Great Baker, Say yes to the dress, ANYTHING Kardashian, anything weight loss... yea we watch too much
But I LOVE the Kardashians, why I have no idea. They just really entertain me.
What is your guilty pleasure?

Now you MUST go watch Andrew's sports show on youtube. He is awesome. Talks anything and everything sports. Watch, comment, like. Fabulous 

Well thank you for the comments and love. 
We love you guys. 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

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  1. If you are coming to Salt Lake you can stop and see us if you get time:) Or we could meet you somewhere? If you already have plans that is OK too. Love your blogs Hugs, Marilee