Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to the Family.

Announcement, Announcement, Announcement We have an Announcement!!! 

What do you think it is?  
Don't let your mind wander that far. 
NO Worries we are not preggers BUT we do have an addition to our little family :)

Introducing our little bundle of joy, Oakley 

A little Lion King maybe?

Kisses for Sydney

Hiding from us

His favorite spot to run to. 

Can't wait until he can't fit under there.

awh presh

Yup he fits under it.

Kisses for mom :) 

he fits under a rag. ha

He climbed up there and sat all by himself. 

How cute are they?

Focusing on a masterpiece 

Oh what a cutie. 
He made brownie/chocolate chip cookie bars. 
wow were they amazing! 

And then there were three.. kinda. ha I guess Oakley is our kid for now.. well for a long while. 
He is an English Pointer mixed with springer spaniel. and is two months old. aw presh
It is going to be VERY hard to potty train him and make sure he doesn't nip/bite. he likes doing that. 
So it will be an intense next couple of months while he is in training. 
Any advice? 
Lovvvve, Alex & Andrew 


  1. Such a cute dog! We got a german shorthaired pointer last October I think and named her Oakley! Seems to be a popular name :) pointer dogs are super smart.. so you shouldn't have too much trouble with her.
    As for potty training- this is what I learned. With how many months they are, is how many hours they can hold themselves. When we got Oakley at 2 months, we would have to let her out pretty much every two hours. then at 3 months, every 3... and so on. You just have to be really consistent about taking your puppy out often (not TOO TOO often or else they'll learn to just not hold it.). We would wake up a couple times a night to let her out. We would pick her up and set her outside in the grass and let her go, and praise her a lot every time she would go outside.
    Every time your puppy drinks water, or eats... let her out about 10 minutes afterward. Chances are, they'll poop right after.
    Anyways, this has really helped Phill and I potty train our dog. She's never pooped in the house and she's only had 2 accidents inside the house because we didn't listen to her signals to let her out and go. Also, it's super important to discipline the puppy when it has an accident inside.
    Hope this helps! GOod luck and have fun!

  2. What cute little puppy! You're going to have your hands full training that little character! Have fun and good luck!

  3. Congrats on your new little addition! He is so so cute! I think Andrew needs to make me some chocolate chip brownie bars some time! Yumm

  4. He is adorable! Just the cutest puppy ever. Congrats. Good luck on the training.

  5. He is adorable!! Thankfully our dog has never been a biter but she loves to bark. When she was little she did bite and nip but the older she got the less and less she did it. Good luck!