Monday, January 10, 2011

Super Family 1st Christmas

Watch out 2011 cause the Sorensen's are here!!
Happy New Year everyone. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We thought we would give you a look into our celebrating time.  Sorry for the delay. The day after Christmas we were on our way to REXBURG. or as we like to call it, the Frozen Tundra. It is SO cold here. The first week we were here it was always below 10 degrees. COLD. ughhh
However we have been loving being here and experiencing life on our on...kinda.
So before we move on to the future here is to the best season of the year. 
We spent christmas this year with the Sorensen's. Needless to say it was a blast
I missed my family so much but it was fun to see a part of Andrews life that I had never seen before.
It was weird to not have screaming kids around was almost peaceful :) 

Christmas Eve we got our christmas p.j's and wore them Christmas morning. 

Present from my Mommy :) 

My jewelry tree from Andrew. Supppper cuteness

 Looking at my present. 

Andrew got a much needed watch case. He also got one of the watches in there which he loves. 

More presents from Andrew!! 

Andrew, I and our Ginger Bread Child! 

Cute Family Pictures. 

We love him. 

Yea who knows what I was thinking here. Rock On! 

And we can't leave without putting up a picture of TAEDEN. I am sooo glad to be close to them again. I LOVE it. He is so so so ADORABLE. 

So although we don't have many pictures it was a wonderful and fun christmas. 
Andrew got final cut express and a sweet watch and I got an AWESOME sewing machine and a sweet backpack. We spent the rest of the day eating. Watching sports. Playing games and just hanging out with family and friends. Sunday we spent the morning finishing packing and then went and taught our final primary lesson in the Thousand Oaks ward. It was a bitter sweet kind of thing cause we were so excited to leave and go to a married student ward but sad to leave our fun class. We traveled to St George that night. Monday we spent half the day and the night in Provo with the Turnbulls who are always wonderful people to be around. Then to Rexburg we went on Tuesday. AHH. It was so cold and we had to move all of our stuff in! Luckily it went pretty quickly..kinda 

New Years Eve we spent with Justina, Curtis, & Taeden. It was a very fun night. Food. Games. Fun times. Love being able to hang out with them :) 
 I feel like life is always with food and family. Ha I think that is how it always works. 
Is that just our family or everyone else? I

Well thats all we have for you now but next time I am planning a tour of the apartment :) 
Now GO check out more of our Christmas on our Youtube channel!!
Just click Here ----->>    MrMrsNewlywed Christmas Post! :)

Or just go to the post below to just see the christmas post but go to youtube to see more on us!!! 
We love you all and miss those we are not close to.
Hope all is well & lets have a great year! 
love, Andrew & Alexandria Sorensen 

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