Thursday, January 27, 2011

just can't wait to get on the road

I am sick. again. ahhh
And its the day before we go to Utah. 
Can I just snap my fingers and be done with it all? 
On the bright side we get to see Marilee and my parents this weekend. 
Maybe that will help me get better.

The X games started today. They are pretty awesome. 
We enjoy watching them a lot. 
This is a short one. I can't focus long enough. 
How do you get a dog to stop bitting and nipping?
ugh. Show us some love. 
<3 Alex & Andrew 


  1. Are those pics of you two in the car from your drive up to Idaho, taken by Anna? :)

    Do NOT let your mind wander with the feelings of guilt for relaxing this semester. It's probably the last time you will be able to enjoy the quiet and have time to 'choose' what you want to do. Enjoy! Give Marilee a hug from me! Love you!

  2. I so agree with Lisa! I remember a time when I had just graduated from college and both of my two jobs I was working ended all at the same time. So I went from over busy to nothing. Then I found out I was pregnant with Mason and starting having problems and had to be on bed rest. I remember feeling bored and I actually felt guilty for just sitting around. I look back and think why did I not just enjoy the quiet time? I should have just soaked it up. So just soak it up and enjoy. Your life will not always be this simple and quiet. Think of it as a time to recharge for the next chapter in your life. I am so excited to see you both tonight! Thanks for making time to come and see me! Love you both, Marilee

  3. Yes In fact they were and Aaron was steering! :D