Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a Miracle!

No you do not need to get your eyes checked, I really am blogging two days in a row. 
I told you all I would try and this is me trying. 
It's a good night to share my thoughts with you all,
I want to have a whole day where I lay on the couch, never turn on the lights or open the window, have TONS of junk food, mainly the beautiful thing called CANDY, and watch movie after movie after movie. Yes my life is lazy. No I didn't finish my apron today :(
oh well. as a good procrastinator always says, There is always tomorrow!
I stabbed my finger on the beginning of the apron and of course it is my pointer finger which seems to be used way too much now that it is painful to touch it. hate when that happens. 
Oh yea I died my hair. yup the whole lot of it. and trimmed it, so maybe it will grow faster but as of right now it only feels really really short. ugh
Did you all know that my husband is way too cute? 
I love the way he gets SO excited and folds his arms and rubs his hands together and scrunches his face, yes all at the same time. SUCH an adorable little habit he has. 
He also made dinner tonight :) 
I was being pretty lazy, just chillaxing on the couch, and he got up and started making it. Granted he was probably really hungary cause it had been a while since I had fed him but it was very sweet of him and to top it all off he did all of the dishes. awh LOVE him. 
How WONDERFUL does that look. Tasted even better. 

Now still speaking of the wonderful Mr. Sorensen, He has another youtube channel. 
It is all SPORTS. 
Pretty much his expertise. 
Go watch it. He will be talking about everything sports. watch. enjoy.comment
share the insanity :)
Just click down below 

How are you liking my hair so far?
I feel like these pictures make it look really yellow. uhhh
Don't judge me.. ha its cute I promise.

Tomorrow is my big sister Justina's Birthday. 
She will be 25
WOAH where have the years gone?

I want to make our apartment cute and creative. 
I love looking at others blogs, stalking them, and seeing the CUTEST crafts and ideas. 
I am jealous. 

I can't wait to HA Jokes I can wait I promise. I just play with Taeden and its all good. 
Some days I want a nice camera and other days I am like nah I don't need one yet. 
I NEED one right now. I am SICK of just using my iphone.
I have also decided I need the starter version of Adobe photoshop. Ha
I have great needs right?

 Well here is to blogging two days in a row YAY. Go me. 
Birthday party pictures next? Hm we will see how far I go with this. 
Now go watch Andrew's video and stay tuned for more!
Love, Peace, Happiness, and God. 
Love, Alexandria & Andrew 


  1. if you want blogs to creep on i have a few for you. haha i follow wayyy tooo many... (my favorite)

    let me know if you want more :)

  2. So what did he make for dinner? Is that soup? and toast? Just curious. :) Your hair is cute by the way.

  3. I love love love your hair! Your husband must have a great Mom. You know, who taught him to heat up soup and make toast.... :D We miss you guys! The house is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Can't wait til you see it. XOXO